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20 Post-event Survey Questions to Ask Attendees, Employees and Suppliers

So, you’ve just hosted an event and you’re trying to determine its success. While it’s important to rate the event against your own KPI’s and measures of success, it’s crucial that you gain an insight into how your attendees, suppliers and employees perceived your event. 

Surveys are an efficient and effective means to collect feedback and data, and so are highly valuable when gauging how people perceived your event. The feedback you collect from surveys can help to evaluate attendee satisfaction, as well as highlight how you can improve or enhance your next event. 

Pairing this feedback with your event KPIs will help to give a well-rounded evaluation on how successful your event really was.  You can use free platforms such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms to send out your survey to recipients. You can do this via an EDM or share the survey link on social media.   Tip: Send out your survey within 24-hours of your event, so it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. 

Survey Questions for Attendees
  • How well did you enjoy the event? 

  • What were your favourite elements of the event?  

  • What elements did you dislike the most about the event?  

  • Are you likely to attend one of our events in the future?  

  • How likely are you to tell a friend about this event?  

  • Why did you choose to attend our event?  

  • Please indicate your satisfaction with the following elements of the event:  

  • Venue/Location 

  • Entertainment 

  • Food and Drink 

  • Speakers 

  • Date and Time of the event 

  • Communication about the event 

  • Is there anything you would have changed about the event? 

Survey Questions for Suppliers
  • How would you rate the organisation of the event?  

  • Is there anything we could have done differently to make your experience more enjoyable?  

  • How likely are you to participate in one of our events in future? 

Survey Questions for Employees
  • Do you think the event achieved its main objectives? Why/Why not?  

  • How satisfied are you with the results of the event?  

  • What aspects of the event do think went well?  

  • What aspects of the event need improvement?  

  • What would you suggest is done differently next time?  

  • How satisfied are you with the organisation of the event? 

Survey Questions for Sponsors and Partners
  • Did the event meet your expectations? Why/Why not?  

  • Please share your thoughts on the event as a whole 

  • Will we be seeing you at our next event? Why/Why not? 

When you are collecting and analysing the survey feedback, it’s important to remember that while it may be uncomfortable to hear, negative feedback is highly valuable, and will help you to improve the success of your event and optimise your event strategy. 

Once you have all the responses you need, share the survey results to show that you have listened. This can be presented as a blog, posts on social media, a video or infographic where you discuss the feedback and highlight how suggestions will be implemented at your next event. 

Be prepared to respond to feedback without being defensive and use it as a learning exercise. Be sure to thank everyone who offered feedback and provide a summary of what everyone said. 



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