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Customer Experience, Lead Generation
There’s a myriad of initiatives you can help your sales team to undertake that will engage prospects with minimal to no spend. Your sales team need to be the ultimate experts of your project, and their knowledge and expertise must be consistent across the board to encourage reliability and trust. Here are some ideas to lead the sales team toward making sales without spending a fortune:1. Perfect the sales presentationDetermine your project’s unique selling proposition and key points and develop a consistent presentation across the entire sales team. You can

Content Marketing, Strategy
So, you’ve developed your video strategy and agreed with your team that your video production requires more experienced hands. Engaging with video professionals is the way to go! Here are some top considerations when selecting a production partner:1. Choose a production partner that’s nimble and agile.This ensures the video team can easily adapt to your brand’s unique requirements.2. Your creative agency is not necessarily the best person to use.Is there someone more specialised in video production you can engage who won’t charge an arm and a leg?3. Share your brand

Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Strategy
Social media and content marketing are entirely invaluable to developers looking to make sales. Social media marketing is highly targeted, optimised for smart-phone use, can communicate messages instantaneously, offers measured ROI and can be updated in real-time. Here are 9 ways to harness social and content marketing to achieve sales, without putting a dint in your marketing budget:1. Educate first, sell secondThis is a crucial rule when delivering meaningful content through any medium, but especially social. Use your social presence to educate prospects and followers on your project’s USPs and

Content Marketing
Briefing is such an important step when engaging with a video production partner. It’s your opportunity to provide the video team with your expectations and allows you to really set the tone of the production you want to create. Here are some things you’ll need to consider during the briefing phase of your video production:1. Be a clear briefer. This means providing as much information as possible, including aspect (portrait or landscape), deadline in market and length. This can be done through filling out a briefing template. In your brief,