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3 Easy and Cost-Effective Events

There are so many engaging, entertaining and fun event ideas for your brand. The type of event you choose will depend on the goals you are looking to achieve and what important milestones you have coming up.  

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to host a big event to achieve your goals. Well-planned and well-executed intimate events achieve excellent results. Small, tailored, free to attend and informative events that require little spend can go a long way in establishing engagement and interest in your project.  

Remember: the best events are entertaining, educational, and add value for attendees. 

Here are 3 simple and low-cost ideas to help spark some inspiration for your next event:

  1. A First Home Buyer seminar

Run by one of your sales representatives, the seminar will run through all the nitty-gritty things FHBs need to know before they commence their home building or buying journey with you. Invite a finance expert and provide a run-down of the purchasing process and payment deadlines, an explanation of the contracts, an open-forum for attendees to ask questions and resources to direct your purchasers to. You may even have FHB guides and resources on your website that you can refer to. Provide some snacks and drinks and you have yourself a highly valuable, low cost and effective event. 


  1. An afternoon at a local retailer

Organise an afternoon session at a local retailer who can add value for your prospects and purchasers. For example, an afternoon at Adairs where the host can run through styling and interior design tips for home buyers. You can organise with the retailer to hand out inexpensive goodie bags, or the retailer may even provide attendees with a discount coupon for items in the store.


  1. An interior design and trends seminar


Invite purchasers and prospects to attend a seminar at your sales office or a display home that runs through current design and colour trends, and things to consider when planning the interior of your home. What wall colours are currently popular? What flooring is best for each room? What colours match well together? The seminar could even involve your builder partners who deliver a presentation on the benefits of a particular home design.  

Hosting low-cost events is a great way to engage with purchasers and prospects without tearing a hole in your marketing budget. What will your next event look like? 

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