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3 Reasons Why Your Emails Aren’t Converting

You’ve created an email with compelling copy and a punchy subject line, but it’s not performing well.  

Thats despite the 2019 statistics from HubSpot saying that 99% of consumers check their email everyday and 59% of respondents claim that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.   Here are some possible reasons why your emails aren’t converting: 


Your Call-to-Action is weak 

Having a sub-par call-to-action is almost as bad as having no CTA at all! Even if your subject line offers a gripping hook, and your email copy proves irresistible, you’ll receive better results if your CTA is optimised for conversion. 


  • Be brief and clear about the action you want readers to take. Try to keep the CTA no more than 5 words.  

  • Use first person. Studies have shown that changing the CTA button text to the first person yields better results. So, try saying ‘Download My Free FHB Guide’ instead of ‘Download Your Free FHB Guide.’ 

  • Convey urgency by adding words like ‘now’ and ‘quick.’ Building a sense of urgency can help garner higher click-through rates.  

  • Use bright colours that make your CTA button stand out from the rest of the email. This will draw your subscribers’ eyes to the action you want them to take.  

You forgot to segment your email list  

Segmenting your list is necessary to improve your overall results. It ensures that you’re sending the right emails to the right people at the right time  It would be futile to send an invitation to visit your new display homes to subscribers who actually signed up to your list during a display home visit. The same is true if you send first home buyer guides to people who are downsizing their homes.   You need to ensure your emails are relevant to their recipient, or else your email marketing efforts are going to waste.  

Your emails are not optimised for mobile 

It’s no secret that more and more people view their emails through their smartphones or tablets. As you result, you need to ensure your emails look and work just as effectively on mobile devices: 


  • Make the CTA buttons at least 44 x 44 pixels in width and height so it’s easier for your subscribers to click.  

  • Avoid using very large images. They might take a while to load and can try your subscribers’ patience.  

  • Use responsive templates which are designed to automatically adjust its appearance on any screen, whether your email is being viewed on desktop or mobile.  

  • Make sure you break down long paragraphs into easy-to-read chunks. Place the most important and relevant information at the top, and follow with less urgent information. This will help you get to the point easily and avoid losing your subscribers’ interest.  


Successful emails are those that convert. It’s essential for property marketers to not only craft attention-grabbing email marketing campaigns, but ones that encourage viewers to complete the desired CTA 


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