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3 Ways to Save Money on Signage

It’s no secret that signage is expensive. You could save lots of marketing dollars by assessing your current signage commitments. Here are three things you can do, to ensure you’re not wasting money on ineffective signage:

1. Rationalise external high cost signage.

a. Review the cost of current billboards in high-traffic areas. While they may attract eye-balls, it’s difficult to attract ROI. Is this the most cost-effective way to get more leads?

b. If you choose to keep your highway billboard, remember that most people are driving above 80km an hour past it and can only take in one message. Review the layout of the sign and ensure the call to action (such as the web address) is dominant.

2. Ensure current signage is doing its job

If your current signage isn’t getting bodies through the door, then why continue to pay for it? If directional signage is misleading or confusing, it’s not going to provide an acceptable customer experience.

3. Hire a sign or use a temporary one

a. Variable message boards are great for weekend events or to advise that the display village is open.

b. Mobile billboards are a good low-cost alternative and can be positioned in strategic locations around the catchment.

c. Identify what local area marketing (LAM) opportunities exist for signage. Maybe a local primary school is having an upcoming fete and looking for a sponsor of their real estate board at the front of the school. This is an easy way to demonstrate community commitment, cost-effectively.

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