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4 convincing reasons to use Spotify in your marketing strategy

Beginning as a music streaming service in the mid-2000s, Spotify has grown to become the largest music platform in the world, with more than 40 million songs, 3 billion playlists, and over 232 million users worldwide.   Here are the top reasons we think you’ll leverage from including Spotify in your marketing strategy:

1. Over 5 million potential leads

In Australia alone, Spotify has 9 million users, with roughly 60% of them being non-paying customers. This means you have the potential to market to over 5 million leads, since all non-paying members are exposed audio and banner ads.

2. Powerful analytics

Since users have to be loggedin to access the service, Spotify is able track everything users do. This goes beyond demographics and device ID’s to reflect moods, moments and mindsets. You can choose exactly what time and what mindset you want your listeners to be in when they hear your message. For example, you can opt to serve an ad when users listen to a specific genre of music, or a specific playlist. This makes for a very powerful targeting tool!

3.Relevant user demographics

62% of Spotify users are between the age of 18-34 years old – putting them firmly within the First Home Buyer segment. And thanks to Spotify’s deep analytics, we know a whole lot about this age group. For example, they prefer to listen to music that is considered “cool” – that is, music that is popular and that they can share with their friends. Spotify also knows that mothers tend to listen to music early in the morning and are more likely to eat fast food regularly. With insights like these, message can be tailored so they resonate with selected audiences.   Hopefully by this point we have you intrigued, but we haven’t even got to the best part yet.


4. Less competition

Spotify is still a relatively young advertising network and not many companies are using it yet. In fact, only two property developers in Australia are currently using Spotify for advertising. This means that your message is exposed to less competition and is more likely to be heard by your customers!   Needless to say, businesses want to be where their customers are, and with user counts like Spotify’s, it’s obvious there are customers here!  If you’re interested in exploring how Spotify advertising might work for your business, or to learn more about any of Spotify’s other marketing tools mentioned at the start, reach outWed love to explore this opportunity with you! 



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