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4 Cost-Effective Ways to Dominate Digital Marketing

With digital platforms being the most popular way for individuals to consume information and content, it’s imperative that your digital presence is consistent, accurate and attractive. Here are some simple and cost-effective initiatives to be on top of your digital game:

  1. Review the ROI of your digital listings

In some instances, advertising on platforms such as REA can put a serious dint in your budget, so make sure you’re getting results. This could also be a great time to look at other advertising channels and platforms which may cost less, such as Spotify.

  1. Refresh listings
  • Are your images up-to-date? Stock images don’t generally engage well, but renders and actual images of your project are clickstopping.

  • Are your listings up-to-date? Is the available stock accurately represented?

  • Are your USPs outlined?

  • What call to action do you have on the page?

  1. Audit your social pages

Check that all of your social accounts feature consistent profile images, correctly sized images and strong calls-to-action to your website. Using Linktree in your Instagram bio and ensuring your Facebook page features clear contact details and directions to your project are simple steps that you can take for effective engagement with your project.

  1. Use Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is a cost-effective way to generate leads – typically, at a lower cost per conversion. It’s important to understand that these leads are unlikely to be at the pointy end of the ‘ready to buy’ funnel. Rather than sending these leads to the sales team who will deem them as ‘not interested’, put these leads into a nurture funnel and communicate the USPs of your project. Here they can eventually be lead scored as ‘ready to contact’ and then qualified by a sales consultant. For more budget friendly marketing tactics, download your free Property Marketers’ Survival Kit here!



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