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Tech Talk: 4 Tools to Maximise Content Creation

Marketing in the property industry is not just confined to traditional means of advertising.


In fact, the birth of the internet made it an exciting journey for property marketers to maximise their budgets and be more accountable for their results. Keeping up with current trends in digital marketing means innovating your marketing content.


The backbone of your content marketing strategy lies in the content you produce, from blog articles to social media postings that create traffic to your business website and in turn, convert them to significant leads.


While you may have been aware now about creating and curating content, there’s another important factor you need to include to make it work successfully. We’re referring to the tech tools that help the job of content creation easier. From doing research to writing and editing, we’ll walk you through the different tech tools relevant to content creation and curation that will help make life easier.


Answer the Public



Do you struggle to think of ideas for content?  We love Answer the Public as it reveals a goldmine of insights to help kickstart your creative juices. The tool simply requires you to put in relevant keywords or phrases before it generates dozens of results provided by Google and Bing, all presenting aggregated views of questions that frequently come up from search queries.


Once you key in your search word, the site provides you with results in several ways. There’s a visual photo of the queries related to the word you searched. Aside from that, you’ll also find a result for comparisons and related search terms. You’re also given an option to save the image for easy access later on.






Placeit gives you a faster and easier way to create tailored images for your blog posts, using editable iPhone and iPad mock-up templates. With its drag and drop feature, this website certainly makes it simpler to showcase product screenshots in realistic environments. Accompanying images to your marketing content posts have never been easier.


Headline Analyzer



Analysing the effectiveness of headlines can be daunting. So much lies in 60 characters or less that can make or break your article. If you write an impressive headline, people will be more likely to read the body copy. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is a convenient tool to check the effectiveness of your headline. You can use this when writing blog posts and even email subject lines. Just type in your headline and view the result. Pro tip: Lists, how to’s and questions are the most effective headline types for conversion, especially when it comes to blog posts and email subject lines.


Giphy Capture



Imagery is essential in to online content. But while still images capture attention, moving ones can get readers hooked. GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are not only appealing but also effective.


If you want to enhance your brand’s image, provide the right encouragement to users and tailor an ideal call-to-action, then creating a GIF is the way to go.


They’re said to be better than images, but not as expensive as videos. GIFs make promotions more interesting, with people becoming more receptive to brands using creativity to attract their target market.


Giphy Capture can turn anything on your screen into a GIF with just a couple of clicks. It’s easy and user-friendly, even letting you trim video clips down to a specific frame before adding captions or stickers. You can also customise the GIF to change direction, include a caption and adjust a file size. With these tech tools, you’ll be more equipped to do your job and produce high quality content not only in a timely and efficient manner but also in a way that will appeal to your market. Online readers are your potential customers.


It’s only fitting that you try to fulfil their need for relevant information and get their trust before you even think about pitching your sales. The most effective way of setting your credibility is to build a treasure trove of content and take it to the next level.



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