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4 Ways to Increase Conversions with Minimal Spend

Your database needs to be filled with meaningful information on your customers in order to help fuel the creation of effective marketing tactics  Make it a rule to never take names off the database – just because someone isn’t ready to purchase now, doesn’t mean they won’t become ready, whether it takes a few months or a few years.    There are plenty of ways to utilise your database to achieve greater conversions without spending a great deal of money.

1. Segment your database 

Segment your database without solving what your segments are. Organise your database into the following groups: ‘purchasers’, ‘prospects’, ‘quarterly updates’ and ‘do not contact’. ‘Purchasers’, obviously, are those who have already bought from your project and ‘prospects’ are warm leads that demonstrate high levels of interest and interaction with your brand.

The ‘quarterly updates’ category includes those who may have shown some interest but aren’t ready to purchase yet and the ‘do not contact’ group are individuals who have requested not to be contacted. Organising your database into these categories (or similar ones) will help you to deliver highly tailored and relevant content, that will help to nurture them through the marketing lifecycle.

2. Develop a content strategy for each segment 

Since each segment has different needs and pain points, it’s essential to develop content strategies that are tailored to their individual needs. For each segment you may like to deliver the following information in EDMs:

  • Purchasers: construction updates, latest news and events, inspirational and entertaining content such as interior design trends and gardening tips, and updates on new releases.  

  • Prospects: educational content such as information on the local area, financial tips and the benefits of certain lot types, builder features, block of the week announcements and updates on the next release.  

  • Quarterly updates: latest news and events sent out on a quarterly basis. Try to re-engage by including a button that says, ‘Click to receive regular updates.’  

  • Do not contact: the people in this segment have unsubscribed or requested not to be called, but it’s important not to delete these people from the database as they may become ready to join the funnel later on.

3. Create a gated download 

Create a downloadable guide or resource that provides valuable information for your customers. Direct online viewers to a landing page that requires them to fill out a form to receive the download. Viewers who fill out the form will be loaded onto your database for future communication.

4. Increase open rates with clever subject lines 

Craft subject lines that pique the recipient’s interest. Instead of a subject line that simply states, ‘Local parks in your area’, create a sense of urgency or appeal with, ‘5 local parks your children will love’ or ‘3 local parks you need to visit this weekend’. 

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