At Property Republic we’re passionate about effective content marketing and communication, in all its formsOne cost-effective content initiative we love is blogging, which in our experience, engages customers and drives significant traffic to your website. 

Blogs are a great platform to deliver meaningful information in a simple and conversational way.  

Here are five reasons why your website could benefit from having a blog: 

  1. Increased search engine traffic 
    The more content you create, the more Google recognises you. The more blogs you post, the more pages from your domain get added to the search engine and the more opportunities you create for your website. Content helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which ultimately places your website and pages closer to the start of a Google search page. Google’s algorithm works in a way that narrows down searches, based on factors like word length and quality of information. To feature higher in the algorithm, your business needs fresh content and plenty of words that appear in searches. The fact that 47% of customers read 3-5 pieces of information before contacting a sales representative, just goes to show that the pieces you publish need to be valuablePeople are more likely to find your page with keywords, if you provide more words to be searched.
  2. Generate inbound links

    An inbound link is a hyperlink leading from another website to your own. This ties in with search engine traffic, because the more inbound links your business has, the more likely it is to appear in Google searches. People clicking on your blogs’ inbound links will also increase the organic search ranking of your website.Although inbound links can be tough to generate in the property industry, an idea to increase them – other than blogs – is by partnering with complementary businesses who may be happy to share your links. Link building strategies often begin with your website itself – it’s always good to showcase your best content on the homepage, this helps the usability of the website and people won’t be as likely to skim through information or hesitate to link to your source. 

  3. Increased leads

    Typically, the more you blog, the more leads you generate, because there’ll be more content for people to read and considerPutting a call to action (CTA) at the end of a blog can be a great way to generate leads because it prompts them to take a specific action, such as filling out a lead form or calling a salesperson.  Generally, the more content you create, the more form submissions, email opt-ins and traffic to your site you will seeAn analysis of over 1,400 firms by Hubspot revealed a positive relationship between pages indexed by Google and the leads a company generates; companies with more indexed pages tend to generate more leads.

  4. Humanise your brand

    Blogs show the personal side of your business, in a bit of an informal and relatable way. You can showcase things like display homes and home interiors, parks and playgrounds or community events. Blogs allow you to share your own thoughts and personality and build trust with your audience who might hold the same values. For example, if you’re selling a project in the northern corridor, you could mention the sales teams’ favourite cafes for their morning coffee.

  5. Your brand is established as a leader in its industry

    In a blog, you can share property-specific information and convey expertise in this area. This can create trust and familiarity with the reader. Writing about something you know well can come pretty easily, and you’ll have plenty of information to talk about. If you speak with confidence, you’ll spark interest from your reader, and they’ll be willing to take on your advice. In the property industry, there’s a lot of competition and we know it can be hard to stand out. That’s why, with valuable content such as a blog and a well-built website, you can build your business, project or personal profile. 

If you’re in need of a traffic boost to your websiteour expert content writers are highly experienced in creating educational and entertaining content that reflects your brand and personality. Get in touch.