5 ways SEO can benefit your property business

You’ve probably heard the term ‘SEO’ thrown around in today’s digital-driven world. But do you know what SEO is, and how it can help your property business?

According to Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings, “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.”

Also known as Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is the process of ranking first in search engines through utilising organic methods such as optimising content and improving user experience. Optimised websites come up in search results without the help of paid ad placements. Ultimately, this means if your website is optimised, it will achieve greater visibility.

To help you understand more fully, SEO can be broken down into three related terms:

S stands for SEARCH

The most common way to find information is for users to key in a search term or keyword on a search engine (including sites like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and many more). The search engine’s algorithm will then provide what it thinks are the most appropriate, relevant, and useful results.

E stands for ENGINE

The vehicle that people use to find information, search engines are responsible for assessing search terms and questions, as well as returning relevant results. They do this by using crawlers to explore the web, then they record everything they find in databases (or indexes).


Pages and websites that show up in the first few page results usually contain optimised content. Optimisation is the process of making sure that users will be able to find you through search engines.  

So, why do you need SEO?

  Every property business can benefit from an SEO strategy. In fact, implementing effective SEO tactics can help you achieve and improve the following:

1. Online Presence

Everyone uses search engines. Internet users rely on them to find information and ask questions. This is where they learn about your business and the products or services you offer. Having an effective SEO strategy will enhance your online presence and increase your website’s visibility on search engines.

2. Website Traffic

Optimised websites have greater visibility on search engines, ushering in more visitors, which means higher chances of converting them into paying customers.

3. User Experience

Customers know what they want and it’s your job to give it to them. An optimised website means it’s easier for your visitors to find the information they need, and they’ll be less likely to click off your page.

4. Conversion

Customer conversion is achievable with an optimised website. With high traffic and a good website performance, it’s easier for businesses to acquire qualified leads for free. After all, your website enables you to attract, nurture and convert your visitors into paying customers.

5. Cost

SEO is totally free. While paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms can generate traffic to websites, the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines in a natural and organic way and at no additional cost at all.

At Property Republic, we constantly find ways to leverage various marketing tactics that can give our clients the best advantage. If you need help in developing your SEO strategy, get in touch.



Judi Carr

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