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5 ways to enhance your SEO strategy today

So, you’ve put some SEO tactics in place and you’re excited to see some great results. But do you know how SEO works, and what on-page factors affect the effectiveness of your SEO strategy?

We’ve got a few insights to help you out: 

Understanding search engines

Search engines are answer machines. They exist to discover, understand, and organise the internet’s content in order to offer the most relevant results to the questions searchers are asking.

They have three primary functions:

Crawl – This refers to the discovery process where engines send out a team of robots (known as crawlers or spiders) to find new and updated content. These robots fetch a few web pages and follow their contained links to find new URLs. The new content they find along the way is added to their massive databases of discovered URLs.

Index – Index refers to the storing and organising of content found during the crawling process. This will then be retrieved later to provide valuable and relevant results for searchers.

Rank – From the index, search engines will choose pages and relevant content that answers the query. The results are ordered by relevance.

Content marketing is king

Before we dive into some of the factors of on and off-page SEO, let’s talk about content. Content is effective in both attracting the search engines and helping your organisation make connections with site visitors.

The more high-quality and relevant content pieces that feature on your website, the more likely search engines will rank your pages higher on the search engine results page. Engaging and effective content will convince visitors to spend some quality time on your website, giving you ample time to convert them into paying customers.

Your content should be optimised both for the search engines and your human visitors. This can be done by creating a variety of content pieces that are not only well-written but also relevant to your target audience.

Keeping the above points in mind, here’s 5 relatively simple tactics you can implement today to enhance your SEO efforts:

  1. Utilise keywords

Keywords are still of strong relevance to Google, but instead of scanning the page for “keyword appearance,” its crawlers now analyse the context and related secondary keywords that share the searcher’s intent.

When you create content around these keywords and phrases, you improve your chances of ranking higher for these keywords on the search engine results page.

  1. Create fresh content

Another factor that can greatly impact your search engine ranking is making sure that you produce fresh and consistent content. Apart from creating brand-new posts, you can also repurpose your existing content into different forms or rewriting and updating them with the latest statistics and trends.

  1. Pay attention to on-page SEO factors

Titles, meta descriptions, ALT attributes, H1 tags, and URLs are still important. They contribute to a better user experience.

Building internal links or hyperlinks to other content on your site can also direct the search engine to related content that can be useful to your readers. This way, search engines get to know your site better.

  1. Improve your website architecture

No one wants to spend time on a poorly designed, slow-loading website that doesn’t provide the answers you’re looking for. You need to improve your website’s navigation, making sure that search engines can crawl all the pages and users can easily find the page and answers that they’re looking for. “The simpler, the better” approach works perfectly here.

  1. Optimise for speed

Regardless of the device used, your site has to load in 2 seconds or less. Image compression, code and structure optimisations, and faster servers will help.

For more information on how an effective SEO strategy can benefit your property business, read our blog.



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