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6 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Marketing Team

Determining whether to outsource your marketing team or keep it internal is a difficult decision.  The answer can be found by having a thorough understanding of both the needs and the capabilities of your internal team.

If implemented correctly, engaging the services of an external marketing agency can provide your business with a myriad of benefits.

1. Your brand has the opportunity to capacity build

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of employing an external agency to complement and assist your marketing team, is the opportunity it provides for your business to capacity build.  This means that the outsourced group not only offers helpful advice and insights, but equips your marketing representatives with the necessary expertise and skills to effectively perform complex tasks that add value to your business in the long term.  Property Republic places a significant focus on upskilling and capacity building the marketing teams they work with to ensure their clients become empowered by knowledge and confident at providing exceptional services.

2. Your brand gains access to expertise

Marketing agencies contain educated, trained and experienced professionals who are experts in their field.  Employing an agency to take care of your marketing activities enables you to gain access to their extensive knowledge across a variety of marketing disciplines.  In-house staff may not possess the widespread skills that are required to effectively and successfully execute complex strategies.  Sometimes, in-house teams are required to juggle projects, reporting and assignments, which can detract them from developing comprehensive marketing plans for your brand.  Choose a marketing agency that has industry-related expertise, as they add valuable insights and solutions for your brand.

3. Your brand can keep up with marketing trends

Marketing agencies dedicate a lot of effort to training, upskilling and attaining resources that serve to keep them up to date with marketing trends and opportunities.  This means that not only are they knowledgeable on the current industry movements and developments, they are equipped to integrate them with your existing marketing strategies.

4. Your brand gains an objective perspective

While knowing the ins-and-outs of your business is essential for it to run successfully, sometimes over-familiarity can leave you blind to the cause of an issue, and therefore its resolve.  Employing the services of a marketing agency can provide fresh and valuable insight on an existing problem and help to uncover potential solutions. Ultimately, it is their job to think critically, analyse problems and implement tailored and applicable resolutions for your company.

5. Your brand can increase efficiency

Consider the array of skills and expertise a team of experienced marketers possess.  It would require a lot of time and resources to recruit and train your own staff to achieve the same level of knowledge.  When you employ the services of an external agency you can eliminate this time-consuming process.  The agency is responsible for providing the appropriately skilled people to undertake your marketing activities. Moreover, it seems impossible to expect a single in-house employee to churn out digital content, social media campaigns, event calendars and all the other elements required for the successful marketing of your brand. With an array of outsourcing services available for recruitment – such as copywriting, graphic design, content creation and social media coordination – specialist agencies can deliver entire campaigns, strategies and functions for your brand.

6. Your brand reduces expenditure

Hiring a marketing team with all the expertise of an agency would cost your brand much more than outsourcing these services.  Essentially, you only pay your outsourced marketing team for the specific services and length of time you require.  It’s not necessary to constantly engage with an extensive marketing team, as it’s unlikely your brand is continually running complex projects such as campaigns and rebranding schemes.  Outsourcing services enables you to control your marketing spend by only utilising their services for the periods you need them. A specialist marketing consultancy helps your brand benefit from the expertise of an entire team for a lesser cost than employing a single executive.

Property marketing is a niche business.  Understanding consumer behaviours, what content they like to consume, how to engage them and delivering market leading strategies that result in sales is best understood by consultants who have proven results in delivering high achieving projects.



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