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6 Ways to Engage Prospects Without Spending Money

There’s a myriad of initiatives you can help your sales team to undertake that will engage prospects with minimal to no spend. Your sales team need to be the ultimate experts of your project, and their knowledge and expertise must be consistent across the board to encourage reliability and trust. Here are some ideas to lead the sales team toward making sales without spending a fortune:

1. Perfect the sales presentation

Determine your project’s unique selling proposition and key points and develop a consistent presentation across the entire sales team. You can even video the presentation to easily share it with the sales team, who can then practice it. A consistent sales presentation ensures clear communication with customers, which ultimately positions your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

2. Refine the follow-up call

The follow-up call is the time to collect additional information that will help make smarter and more cost-effective marketing decisions. So, it’s important to consider the key points and questions that will best enrich the database. Tip: One initiative could involve your entire project team conducting follow-up calls to the people on your database and loading the information gained into a vehicle such as SurveyMonkey, so trends are more accurate, rather than anecdotal.

3. Visit the customer journey

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and drive the route to your estate. From the location of your project’s first major signage, all the way to your sales office, what is the customer experience? Is the trip clear, clean, relevant and comfortable from start to end?

4. Prioritise estate and sales office presentationy

No one wants to purchase in an estate dotted with litter and junk. Make it a priority to ensure your estate presentation is at a high standard – always.

5. Review the stock inventory

Develop solutions for selling existing stock before releasing a new stage. Deliver content that communicates the benefits of purchasing difficult stock such as corner and irregular shaped blocks.

6. Develop a referral program

It’s up to you what reward you’d like to give in return for your customers referring a friend, but offering a discount, monetary rebate or reward for both parties is a great way to go. And if you’re playing your part in delivering an exceptional customer experience, you may find that referrals become a common and natural occurrence.

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