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6 Ways to Implement SMS Marketing in Property

The Property Republic team do a lot of mystery shopping for clients. Part of our mystery shopping efforts involves joining developers’ and builders’ SMS databases to receive promotional and advertising materials. It may not come as a surprise to know that during our mystery shopping process, we receive a range of messages that are highly sales orientated, not personalised and lacking in their ability to make a connection with the recipient and deliver meaningful messages. These ‘new land release’ and ‘5% deposit’ texts that bombard recipients not only leave them feeling un-inclined to take action, but uninformed on the benefits of project they’ve enquired at, the process of buying land and building, and the next steps they need to take. But what if your SMS marketing strategy could inspire action, encourage communication, offer value and increase conversions? Well, it can! The best way to ensure your SMS marketing strategy really engages prospects is by integrating it with your content strategy. Since your SMS efforts will become one of your customer touch points, it needs to be unified with your other content marketing initiatives to provide a seamless experience for customers. You need ask your project marketing team ‘what messages do we want to communicate via text?’ Sending ‘new stage release’ texts simply won’t cut it. Lucky for you, the Property Republic team have a few ideas up their sleeve; why not send a text message to…

  1. Respond to initial enquiry. This is a great way to kick off your introduction and begin communicating with your customer.

  2. Inform your database of an upcoming event (display launch, community event, FHB seminar). Not everyone on your database may be ready to purchase, but they might be ready to learn more about your project or product and the purchase process.

  3. Communicate a promotion or sale. Once you’ve established a relationship with your SMS database, it’s a great idea to use this platform to promote upcoming promotions and sales.

  4. Offer a text-to-win competition. This is a great way to encourage interaction and boost engagement.

  5. Surprise and delight your customers. It could be as simple as sending a personalised text to a customer who has recently moved into their new home.

  6. Send alerts and notifications. If you’re hosting an outdoor event and the weather’s looking a bit precarious, SMS is a great and timely way to warn your attendees of potential cancellation.

Once you’ve established how your SMS marketing strategy will look, it’s time to structure your messages. Read our blog to discover how you can craft the perfect SMS sequence.



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