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7 Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS (short message service) marketing is an initiative that uses text messages to send promotional, advertising and educational materials to consumers. The strategy is purely permission based, which means customers must opt-in to receiving texts – making your audience highly engaged. If we think about the average person’s dependence on their smart phone on a day-to-day basis, the concept of using SMS in marketing is a no-brainer. People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere, making SMS the best way to reach your prospects and customers anywhere, at any time. SMS marketing poses a range of benefits for property professionals, opening up new opportunities to improve conversion rates and the customer experience. Some main benefits of SMS marketing include:

  1. Fast delivery to your target audience.

Text messages are delivered within seconds of being sent and the average person is likely to check a text message soon after receiving it. On average, consumers take just 90 seconds to respond to an SMS, therefore making SMS a quick and effective mode of communication. 

  1. Affordable way to promote your brand.

There’s such a wide range of SMS marketing software available to marketers, meaning you have the freedom to select one that suits your budget. Since SMS marketing is target based, it ensures that you are communicating with potential consumers who are highly likely to take action upon receiving your text. 

  1. High rate of deliverability.

Unlike emails which are subject to low opening and reading rates, text messages have highly engaged and responsive recipients. SMS dominates click-through rates (CTRs) among its marketing strategy competitors, at 19%. This is far higher than Email (2.43%), Google AdWords (2%), Facebook (0.98%), Instagram (0.52%) and LinkedIn (0.13%). And depending on how creatively and interestingly you format your message, it’s likely you can further increase the possibility of your message being read and acted upon. 

  1. Keeps your customers informed and empowered.

SMS marketing delivers product information to customers in a quick and reliable way, therefore keeping them informed and engaged on updates, events, releases and other information relating to your project or product. Informed customers feel empowered to make educated and confident purchase decisions and are more likely to convert.

  1. Avoid SPAM filters

Consider your text message inbox on your mobile device – there’s one folder and no SPAM filters. By avoiding SPAM filters, you give your marketing message the greatest opportunity to be received and read.

  1. Reaches consumers on their favourite platform

It’s no secret that people are becoming increasingly attached to their smart phones. Studies show that the average mobile user touches their phone 2,617 times per day. Corporate marketing experts Business2Community report SMS response rates sit as high as 45%, while email response rates sit at a meagre 6% – further emphasising the effectiveness of SMS as a marketing tool.

  1. It’s trackable

A web SMS platform provides extensive reports on the success of your SMS marketing campaigns. This includes delivery receipts, received messages, percentage of responses and much more. You’ll know exactly how many SMS messages have been delivered, received and responded to. To discover how you can harness SMS marketing for your property business, read our blog.



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