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7 Tips for Engaging with Video Professionals

So, you’ve developed your video strategy and agreed with your team that your video production requires more experienced hands. Engaging with video professionals is the way to go! Here are some top considerations when selecting a production partner:

1. Choose a production partner that’s nimble and agile.

This ensures the video team can easily adapt to your brand’s unique requirements.

2. Your creative agency is not necessarily the best person to use.

Is there someone more specialised in video production you can engage who won’t charge an arm and a leg?

3. Share your brand guidelines.

Your production partner will need your brand assets in order to ensure the video adheres to your style guidelines.

4. Choose someone with a large network.

It’s ideal to engage a videographer or production team who have access to a wide network of specialists, such as a producer, director, animator, editor, director of photography and even a drone operator. This gives you greater opportunities for your video production.

5. Choose a team that’s creative and cost-effective.

You’ll want to engage a production team who can think outside the box to create an impressive and brand-keeping video, without spending a fortune. Ensure your values align. It’s important to engage a team who share the same values as your brand, form a strong relationship with you and are committed to communicating effectively with your target audience. Find a team who really want to see your product or project succeed. Your production partner essentially becomes part of your content team, so make sure you share your content strategy with them. This ensures you are all working towards a common goal.

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