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9 Ways to Achieve Sales with Social and Content Marketing

Social media and content marketing are entirely invaluable to developers looking to make sales. Social media marketing is highly targeted, optimised for smart-phone use, can communicate messages instantaneously, offers measured ROI and can be updated in real-time. Here are 9 ways to harness social and content marketing to achieve sales, without putting a dint in your marketing budget:

1. Educate first, sell second

This is a crucial rule when delivering meaningful content through any medium, but especially social. Use your social presence to educate prospects and followers on your project’s USPs and the reasons why it solves their problems. Deliver social content that is informative, entertaining, engaging and interesting.

2. Re-purpose existing content

You don’t need to create a brand-new piece of content for every post. Recycling, rejuvenating and repurposing your content enables you to deliver a variety of content types multiple times, without the headache of creating completely new content each time. You can turn long-form videos into short clips and even change them into written form with a blog, e-book, infographic and how-to guide. Tip: Create an Excel spreadsheet where you can track how many forms of content each topic can create.

3. Take onsite photos

Whenever the marketing, development or sales team are onsite at your project, encourage them to take a few photos. Photos of the local park on a sunny day, a nicely landscaped front garden, a recently completed home or the overall progress of the site will prove interesting for your customers and prospects, and add character to your project. If these photos are consistently provided, you’ll build up a bank of images that will make your social media content planning easier.

4. Utilise user-generated content

Re-post and share content that has been posted by purchasers and residents. This is an excellent way to fill out your content calendar without spending a lot of time crafting additional posts. You can also create a community Facebook page that encourages purchasers and residents to share their home buying and building journey, and utilise the images shared.

5. Organise inexpensive competitions to increase engagement

There are so many competition concepts you can implement that won’t put a dent in your budget. One example is a weekly or monthly gardening competition, where residents post a photo of their garden, tag your social account and you pick a winner. The prize could be a Gold Class movie voucher, or a gift card to a leading retailer.

6. Harness your smartphone

The members of your sales, marketing and development teams are holding epic content-creating weapons in their hands. Instead of posting a still image to inform your community of an update, why not put it into video form? Two minutes, a steady hand, a smart phone and a willing sales representative is all you need to create a short and informative video to post across your social pages.

7. Share builder content

Your builders are excellent content generators. Ask your builders to share home images and videos with you, so you can feature them in your social posts. It’s a win-win! You get to inspire and engage prospects with beautiful home designs, and your builders gain exposure to your followers. Don’t forget to use relevant acknowledgements and hashtags!

8. Create campaigns that drive traffic to your website

That is, only if your website is up to date, interesting and provides an exceptional user experience for visitors.

9. Create a landing page for a gated download

Asking for information from your prospects in return for a downloadable resource that adds significant value is a great way to get interested leads onto your database.

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