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A workshop wonder with APLACE by Glenvill

The APLACE by Glenvill team journeyed to the Yarra Valley to craft their Customer Service Charter in a workshop facilitated by Property Republic.



Participants were guided through the process of developing their customer service vision, which involved identifying the words and emotions they want their customers to feel, as well as how they want them to describe their experience with APLACE.


Response timeframes, availability and customer service principles were developed to provide both internal and external clarity.


The workshop also involved an analysis of each customer segment and the development of KPIs.


Finally, the APLACE team voted on champions to embed the charter within the business and developed a plan for how the customer service charter will be communicated internally and externally.


As a leader of customer experience within the property industry, it was a pleasure to be involved in facilitating the development of APLACE team’s customer service vision, and we’re excited to watch their success continue to flourish.


We’re also happy and humbled to receive positive responses from our workshop participants. In fact, 100% of all respondents said that the workshop met their expectations.


Respondents also stated that their top takeaways from the session were:


1. The development of a clear plan

2. Teamwork

3. Communication


Here’s what the APLACE team had to say about their workshop experience with Property Republic:

“Thanks for a fabulous workshop on Friday – I loved it!”
“I thought the workshop was fantastic and really opened our eyes to thinking of things from the customer’s perspective.”


“It was engaging throughout and I thought everyone had a great attitude. Thanks so much for helping to contribute to the development of APLACE. I had a great time and it will be highly beneficial for the company moving forward.”


“It was a great day and the feedback I received from my staff was very positive.”



Judi Carr

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