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Are you Hosting a Community or Marketing Event?

If you’re planning on hosting an event, it’s important that you ask yourself the following question:

Are you hosting a community or marketing event?

Often confused as the same thing, marketing events and community events actually have different objectives. You’ll need to identify which event it is that you are organising to effectively plan and strategise.

The key to a successful event, is the alignment of your event and marketing strategies. You’ll experience greater success from your events when you integrate your event strategy with your overall marketing strategy.

An important step in achieving this alignment is establishing what type of event you are hosting. Here are some pointers to help you determine:

A community event’s primary objective is to give back or offer something for the community’s benefit. Examples include:

  • Build relationships within the community

  • Train or educate people in a new skill 

  • Offer knowledge on how to use a product

  • Consult with the community for future decision making

  • Involve key stakeholders to raise awareness on a certain topic

A marketing event’s primary objective is to bring new leads to the project. Examples include:

  • Promote or launch a new product or service

  • Inform community about a product for the purpose of selling it 

  • Award people for certain efforts

Have you considered how you’ll utilise content marketing for your next event?
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