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A bona fide property marketing queenpin who embraces challenges and new opportunities. Loves a good quiz. Go the Hawks. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property industry having worked for some of Australia's biggest developers and property organisations, our Director, Judi, guides and inspires the success of our brand.By combining her extensive property knowledge and passion with her innovative and strategic thinking, Judi always knows how to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

How to Brief and Edit Videos Like a Boss

Briefing is such an important step when engaging with a video production partner. It’s your opportunity to provide the video team with your expectations and allows you to really set the tone of the production you want to create. Here are some things you’ll need to consider during the briefing phase of your video production: [...]

4 Ways to Increase Conversions with Minimal Spend

Your database needs to be filled with meaningful information on your customers in order to help fuel the creation of effective marketing tactics.   Make it a rule to never take names off the database – just because someone isn’t ready to purchase now, doesn’t mean they won’t become ready, whether it takes a few months [...]

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Crafting the Perfect Message for your SMS Marketing Strategy

So, you want to get started on an effective and engaging SMS marketing strategy that really drives conversions for your property business. You’re aware of the many benefits of SMS marketing, you’ve planned out your strategy with your project marketing team and you’re ready to start crafting your perfect message. You’ve come to the right [...]

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6 Ways to Implement SMS Marketing in Property

The Property Republic team do a lot of mystery shopping for clients. Part of our mystery shopping efforts involves joining developers’ and builders’ SMS databases to receive promotional and advertising materials. It may not come as a surprise to know that during our mystery shopping process, we receive a range of messages that are highly [...]

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7 Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS (short message service) marketing is an initiative that uses text messages to send promotional, advertising and educational materials to consumers. The strategy is purely permission based, which means customers must opt-in to receiving texts – making your audience highly engaged. If we think about the average person’s dependence on their smart phone on a [...]

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4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Video Strategy

So, you’ve decided to embark on the journey towards capturing, producing and posting great video content for your property business. But, before you whip out the video camera to start filming, there are some important questions to need to ask yourself and your team: What video quality is right for your brand? It’s important that [...]

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