Top Findings from the Adobe Symposium 2019: The Future of Customer Experience

The Adobe Symposium has concluded for 2019 and the Property Republic team has gathered the lessons we’ve learned and the valuable insights we’ve gained from one of the sessions, The Future of Customer Experience. Immersive. Digital. Personalised. These are the best words that describe the customer experience in the age of technology. We can clearly [...]

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Are you ready to transform your customer experience?

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with some leading property developers, sales agents and marketers who realise that now is the time to overhaul their customer experience. “They’ve been order taking for too long and have forgotten how to sell,” one very successful developer said to me. “We’ve got a superior location, better [...]

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Are you ready for the future?

The year is 2045. Meat is scarce; we’re rethinking our consumption and main meals are plant-based with a side of crickets. It’s a cashless society and your robot friend, Destiny, literally needs to unplug and recharge at the end of the day. Art imitated life at Sensory Underground – an immersive dining experience featuring Tokyo [...]

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Where’s the marketer at the heart of placemaking?

Not sure what placemaking is? As Cara Courage, Collaborate Creative Placemaker puts it in her Ted Talk here, “Placemaking is a set of tools and it’s an approach, to putting the community right at the front and centre of changes to where they live.” I recently spent the day with UDIA Victoria’s Building, Design & [...]

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The Feedback Stick

In terms of overall value for money, especially when it comes to ROI for customer service, the fast-food restaurant industry rarely skips a beat. Sure, sometimes you might get annoyed if they left a pickle in your cheeseburger when you specifically ask for it without, but it’s barely equivalent to the disappointment home builders are [...]

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