What Marketers Can Learn from Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is one of the most – if not the most – important distributors of information. And with their algorithms being influenced by desirability rather than accuracy, Facebook has created an environment in which fake news can flourish. Within a number of minutes, a story written in a small town in Europe, can go viral and influence the attitude of people living in the U.S. or Australia [...]

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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About

Adobe and Econsultancy’s Digital Trends Report 2019 is out, and we’re intrigued – but not surprised – by the findings! Among others, the report’s main findings indicate a strong correlation between company success and the delivery of a first-class, personalised customer experience.  Take a look at some of the latest digital trends for 2019 and [...]

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5 Facts Every Content Marketer Should Know

As property marketers, our marketing objectives can often be overlooked by the need to sell. It’s important that we continue to educate our teams that leading the customer to a sale isn’t the end result – it’s just the beginning. Keeping your current and prospective customers engaged, informed and entertained by your content is just [...]

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3 Reasons Why Your Emails Aren’t Converting

You’ve created an email with compelling copy and a punchy subject line, but it’s not performing well.   That’s despite the 2019 statistics from HubSpot saying that 99% of consumers check their email everyday and 59% of respondents claim that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.   Here are some possible reasons why your emails aren’t converting:  [...]

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3 Books Property Marketers Need to Read in 2019

From blogs and articles to podcasts and courses, there’s a plethora of resources available to property marketers looking to enhance their strategies or learn a new skill.   While digital resources are highly convenient, at Property Republic, we love good, old-fashioned paper books!   To help you fill up your arsenal with great reads, here are three [...]

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Why A Small Database May Be Better Than A Large One

When it comes to databases, bigger isn’t always better. In a recent article by Seth Godin, it states that, “Direct marketers don’t care how many people they reach. They care what percentage take action”.   I found this statement very interesting considering developers, in my experience, love big databases, but do very little to nurture them.   [...]

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