Smart Phone Photography 101

Not all photoshoots of your project, product or community need to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars! Some of the most popular social media content are authentic photos and videos that are taken without immense planning or posing. In fact, most of us have a completely invaluable photo capturing tool sitting in our pocket – [...]

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How Marketing Professionals Can Play a Part in FY20 Sales Success

It’s been a strange start to 2019. Market conditions have not been conducive to a normal volume of sales, and marketers have been well and truly put under the pump to deliver more leads that will magically purchase within seven days. Don’t get me started on why the finger is pointed at the marketing team [...]

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What Sco Mo and Clarko have in common

When Hawthorn won the AFL Premiership in 2008, it was deemed to have been ‘stolen’ from Geelong. The young, unsociable Hawks featured a very young Buddy Franklin who kicked 8 in the Qualifying Final against the Western Bulldogs and another legend in Jarryd Roughead kicked 4 in the Preliminary Final. In the Grand Final, Franklin [...]

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20 Post-event Survey Questions to Ask Attendees, Employees and Suppliers

So, you’ve just hosted an event and you’re trying to determine its success. While it’s important to rate the event against your own KPI’s and measures of success, it’s crucial that you gain an insight into how your attendees, suppliers and employees perceived your event.  Surveys are an efficient and effective means to collect feedback [...]

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The less you spend, the better the service

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I received phone calls, texts, gifts and flowers from family, friends and colleagues. Plus, I received a range of birthday messages from people I deal with maybe once a year or once every 3 years (in the case of my mortgage broker, George). [...]

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Creating Timely Content for Your Marketing Strategy

Timeliness is one of the most important aspects of any content marketing strategy, whether you’re running a campaign on your website, sending email newsletters, or simply posting on social media.   One way to ensure that your content is timely, is by planning it in alignment with current events and holidays and riding the peak of [...]

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