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Ultimately, your project is going to be more than bricks and mortar – it’s going to be a community and a place for people to call home. Therefore, you need to make it feel like one. You and the community team (if you have one) will know better than anyone what’s required to respond to the needs of your community.


So, during the planning stages of the project, get yourself a seat at the table to make sure you can influence discussions about infrastructure, community building, landscaping and events.


Here are some things to consider:


1. Community development

Effective community development strategies align project resources with community needs to deliver sustainable solutions that enhance liveability for residents. Implementing an effective community development strategy will offer an array of benefits, including increased sales conversions, increased referrals and brand loyalty, as well as a greater competitive edge.


Get involved in the planning stages of the project to ensure its infrastructure responds to the community’s needs for connection, movement, safety and belonging.


2. Sales suite infrastructure

Consider what features your sales and display office will require to effectively respond to your community’s needs. Your sales suite will be a hub of activity throughout the development of your project, so how can you make it beneficial for the community? Perhaps it will include a space for a mother’s group and other community groups to host meetings. Perhaps it will have a café attached to it, or a community veggie patch.


3. Landscape influence for future events

We all know community events are a great way to build relationships, encourage connections and foster a sense of belonging for residents. When the planning of your project’s communal areas, parks, overall layout and infrastructure takes place, ensure these spaces offer the resources you need to host community events such as accessibility, electricity, shelter, bins and water supply.


For more important considerations, insights and tips for setting up a new project, download our free Project Marketer’s Handbook.




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Not sure what placemaking is? As Cara Courage, Collaborate Creative Placemaker puts it in her Ted Talk here, “Placemaking is a set of tools and it’s an approach, to putting the community right at the front and centre of changes to where they live.” I recently spent the day with UDIA Victoria’s Building, Design & Public Realm Committee on a tour of Melbourne’s west, visiting the following projects: Woodlea (VIP & Mirvac joint venture)Harpley (Lendlease)Point Cook Town Centre (Development Victoria, Stockland, Walker Corporation)Soho Village (Empire Properties with Clarke Hopkins Clarke)Williams Landing

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I used to pride myself on being an early adopter. But I’ve realised as I’m getting older, I’m more of a late majority (or laggard if it’s got anything to do with Game of Thrones and Married at First Sight). I recently used Siri for the first time. I asked Siri to “Call Steven”. Then, to “Call Steven on Speaker”. I asked Siri to set an alarm and also asked what the weather would be tomorrow. And just for laughs, “What’s 0 divided by 0”. I then asked Siri, “What