Tech Talk: Analytics Tools

Putting an effective digital marketing strategy requires consistent performance evaluation. Which Facebook post garnered the most impressions and engagements? How many Instagram followers have you gained in the past month? Does your audience engage better with video or still-images? Are your social media posts driving traffic to your website? The answers to these questions can be easily found, if you use the right tools to track, measure, and analyse your social [...]

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Tech Talk: Scheduling Tools

Modern day marketing requires the implementation and maintenance of a successful digital strategy. If your brand is looking to execute an effective, engaging and reliable approach to social media management, then online automation tools are a must. The reality is, embracing the mounting movement towards social media automation is fast becoming an expectation for businesses rather than [...]

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Content Strategy vs. Social Media Strategy

There always seems to be a great deal of confusion when a discussion about social media strategy and content strategy arises.  Many in the property industry believe the two concepts are either interchangeable or identical, but it’s not true.  Content marketing and social media marketing are two separate avenues, albeit with a fair amount of [...]

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8 Crucial Steps to Creating Appealing Online Content

A golden rule that Property Republic follows when executing our content strategy is the 80/20 Rule, which outlines that 80% of your online marketing content must serve to educate, entertain and inform your audience and only 20% should be dedicated to directly promoting your business. Essentially, our social media content intends to educate first and [...]

By |2018-07-05T11:25:15+00:001st May, 2018|Content Marketing, Social Media, Strategy|

Social Media: Establishing the Best Platform for Your Content

With so many professionals harnessing the capabilities of social media to spread their messages, it’s important to ensure that you are not only developing engaging content, but also using the right channels to share it. Brands need to be strategic when selecting platforms for their social media marketing approaches.  It’s crucial that you have the [...]

By |2018-07-05T11:29:39+00:0026th April, 2018|Social Media|

Social Spotlight: LinkedIn

With a network of more than 450 million professionals, LinkedIn may not be the biggest and best social media platform, but it's definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to networking for your brand. In fact, 76.9% of users say LinkedIn helped them research people and companies. LinkedIn’s exclusively business-focused community is [...]

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