How to get more from your Facebook ads

In our increasingly digital world, many new doors have been opened for marketers.  And while we can now measure everything we do online to get a better understanding of ROI, this is often easier said than done. Facebook is a very powerful advertising platform, but its ever-expanding range of features can make even the best [...]

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Pinterest: an overlooked marketing treasure

When most people think of social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn spring to mind. One social network that keeps chugging away quietly in the background is Pinterest – the ‘under-rated’ marketing tool. While it might not have the same number of users as other, more popular platforms, there are some great reasons [...]

By |2019-10-08T10:33:10+11:0025th September, 2019|Social Media, Strategy|

Do ‘likes’ really count?

It’s been almost 2 months since Instagram began hiding like counts on posts, and according to an article by Android Police, Facebook may be planning to carry out the same international experiment. As a provider of marketing services within the property industry, we’ve seen our fair share of developers and builders who strive for the [...]

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Marketing through Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are opening up a whole new window of opportunity for your brand’s marketing function. In our recent Social Media Summit, we researched and explored the exciting marketing and communication opportunities presented by three popular messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. Read on to discover how these apps can become an integrated part [...]

By |2019-09-02T23:06:45+11:007th May, 2019|Social Media, Strategy|

286 Instagram hashtags to increase your social media presence

More than a millennial trend, hashtags are incredible social media features that help to attract views to your posts and social profiles, as well as organise and store content for users to easily find. Using relevant and popular hashtags creates great visibility for your social activity and campaigns, and can help you to reach your [...]

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Tech Talk: Analytics Tools

Putting an effective digital marketing strategy requires consistent performance evaluation. Which Facebook post garnered the most impressions and engagements? How many Instagram followers have you gained in the past month? Does your audience engage better with video or still-images? Are your social media posts driving traffic to your website? The answers to these questions can be easily found, if you use the right tools to track, measure, and analyse your social [...]

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