5 ways to enhance your SEO strategy today

So, you’ve put some SEO tactics in place and you’re excited to see some great results. But do you know how SEO works, and what on-page factors affect the effectiveness of your SEO strategy? We’ve got a few insights to help you out:  Understanding search engines Search engines are answer machines. They exist to discover, [...]

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Crafting the Perfect Message for your SMS Marketing Strategy

So, you want to get started on an effective and engaging SMS marketing strategy that really drives conversions for your property business. You’re aware of the many benefits of SMS marketing, you’ve planned out your strategy with your project marketing team and you’re ready to start crafting your perfect message. You’ve come to the right [...]

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7 Random Things Every Property Marketer Should Know and Do

Know the sales target of your builder or developer partners Let’s say your project has a display village and there are 20 homes from 7 different builders. Each builder will have a sales target per home to ensure their investment is viable. So, if the sales target per home is 10 per annum, then within [...]

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Privacy and Spam Laws You Could be Breaking

Marketing has evolved over the years and so have the rules that govern it, especially as the internet age flourishes. Privacy is important, and marketers need to ensure they abide by laws and policies regarding data privacy and spamming. As property marketers, it’s our job to ensure data privacy and security, whether we are sending [...]

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Why Brand Loyalty is Your Best Sales Person

Do you know the most common mistake that many in the property industry make? Thinking that selling is the end goal.   It isn’t.  Building a strong, dynamic and positive relationship with your existing and potential customers is the best way to remain successful, especially during market down-turns. In fact, brand loyalty is more valuable to [...]

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