Customer Experience

Components for achieving great CX

Because the nature of buying a property isn’t a straightforward transaction, having a model to follow to ensure you’re delivering a great customer experience (CX) is invaluable. According to the Customer Service Journal, there are six key ingredients that enable effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in CX.

  1. Reachability

    The customer can find and/or get access to an organisation easily. If a customer looks for an organisation on Facebook and they’re not there, they’re not reachable. If the customer wants to speak to an organisational representative on the phone, and they can’t, they’re not reachable. If guests can visit a restaurant in a remote location only by bicycle, they’re not reachable.

  2. Service convenience

    Customers can get the support, information and value that they want, when they want it. Because customers expect to access services outside business hours, leading organisations now use technology-enabled functions such as AI-driven live chats, intuitively organised FAQs, and tutorial videos to enable self-service.

  3. Purchase convenience

    Customers often experience some friction or challenge when they want to buy something. They might have to provide details such as their location, or a particular time of day. Great CX enables customers to ‘buy’ or engage with something conveniently and with little effort and, amazingly, often provides some of the greatest opportunities for CX improvement.

  4. Personalisation

    A customer feels they are treated as an individual, like a “regular”, but special. At a basic level, you’ll have experienced personally addressed emails and (perhaps) movie recommendations. At higher levels, brands customise products, dedicate services and give special attention. Future leaders of CX will tell their customers what they need before they know they need it, effectively and efficiently.

  5. Simplicity and ease of use

    “Simplicity lies beyond complexity.” To master ease and simplicity, we need to consider all components of the overall customer journey before, during and after a purchase, as well as a customer’s touchpoints, to ensure they’re intuitive, effortless and “frictionless”. Your website must be easy to follow; you need one-button purchasing for online transactions, stores that are easy to navigate, software that is easy to install and the list goes on.

  6. Channel flexibility

    Great CX in the modern economy enables customers to complete any task from any channel and, most importantly, have every channel thereafter know what they completed earlier irrespective of the channel.

Use these six ingredients to run a quick check across your customer experience. You might find a gap that’s quick and cost-effective to close, that could result in increased sales!



Judi Carr

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