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Content Matters to Consumers

Trying to explain content marketing to property professionals over the past five years has been tough. “Why do we need content when people are lining up to buy a block?,” they would ask.

For those brave marketers who understood the benefits, their projects not only achieved number one status during the boom but have managed to ride out the bumps of the past few months and are back on track, recording a ‘normal’ level of sales.

I like reading what other content marketers have to say and this extract from an article written by Neel Sinha, the creator of MyLnk, an innovative link shortener and URL management solution, sets out the benefits nicely:

Content marketing is a strategy that helps to improve conversions. It allows to connect with and educate leads and customers. Not only does it work to build trust and relationships, but it also encourages the conversions by giving them the information they need which enables them to make an educated purchasing decision.

A strategic marketing approach is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. This ultimately drives profitable customer action. So, can one afford to overlook content marketing as a strategy going ahead in 2019? No, never, not in the wildest of dreams! So, let’s then discuss why content marketing will be so vital for any brand in the coming year.

Content Matters to Consumers, Search Engines and Businesses. To achieve reasonable success in today’s competitive climate, one cannot afford to ignore the power of content marketing. See how content matters to each of them – consumers, search engines and businesses.

Consumers: As seen today, prospective customers have a powerful resistance to a “hard sell” marketing strategy of a business. Instead, they have a stronger appetite for good information! Most are fond of researching products and services online before making their purchase decisions. For example, a consumer may be inclined to either study different cars, compare its prices and features, before setting foot in a showroom. Another example: even grocery shoppers use mobile phones to compare rates and deals before ordering it. And that’s where good content helps them make good decisions! As per a study, more than 70% of consumers prefer to learn about companies through articles, and they are less responsive to traditional advertising and old-school sales tactics!

Search Engines: It’s no secret – consumers turn to search engines for solutions to their problems! And to win new customers, it’s best to be there when they Google it. Search engines update the algorithms that they use to crawl the web, and that enables it to continuously improve the quality of results that one sees when they search. In recent years, Google has increasingly rewarded quality and punished low quality. Up-to-date content is always rewarded by Google, that’s one thing for sure. So, publishing fresh articles and updating existing content, will only help one to maintain a strong showing on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that enables people to keep coming back to their site.

Businesses: One has very well seen and understood, how effective content helps to build customer relationships even at the cost of avoiding those “hard sell” tactics. Content helps to showcase one’s services and expertise. It helps to gain trust by highlighting important topics that affect their prospects.

Expressive, effective and well-crafted content can always help a business to:

– Draw traffic to their website and social media accounts,
– Boost performance on search results pages, and
– Give audiences the opportunity to share the content with their friends and colleagues.

Let’s do away with ‘For Sale’ messages and start providing educational and entertaining content for the most important person, the customer.

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