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Content Strategy vs. Social Media Strategy

There always seems to be a great deal of confusion when a discussion about social media strategy and content strategy arises.

Many in the property industry believe the two concepts are either interchangeable or identical, but it’s not true.

Content marketing and social media marketing are two separate avenues, albeit with a fair amount of overlap.  Luckily for you, we’re here to help clear up this conundrum with the help of a few marketing geniuses.

Toby Murdock, CEO, KaPost says that while there is a lot of correspondence between content marketing and social media marketing, they are two interconnected, but separate entities with different focuses, content types and intents:


Social media marketing maintains its focus exclusively within social networks themselves, while content marketing generally places the majority of its emphasis on the brand website.  Even though social media channels are used to distribute content in content strategies, they generally feature calls-to-action that intend to draw the customer back to the website.

Content Types

Social media strategies build content to solely feature on social networks.

This means content is designed to fit within the constraints of each platform – for example, the 140-character limit on Twitter.  The behaviours of individuals on each social platform is also considered throughout social media strategies, and the content is created accordingly.  Contrastingly, content strategies allow for longer and varying forms of content such as blogs and articles, infographics, slideshare, gated content and e-books.


Social media strategies generally achieve two outcomes:

  1. Developing brand awareness: generating discussion and activity around the brand

  2. Retaining and satisfying customers: social channels serve as an opportunity for interaction and discussion with customers concerning any issues or queries that they may have.

Alternatively, content strategies focus on a solitary intention: lead generation.  A brand develops meaningful and valuable content that serves to establish a relationship with prospects and nurture them toward a lead conversion or purchase. To simplify the differences and similarities between these two strategies even further, we’ve developed a visual representation for you:

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What’s most important to consider is that content strategies can exist without social media, however social media strategies rely solely on the distribution of meaningful and valuable content. As Joe Pulizzi accurately articulates in his book ‘Epic Content Marketing’: “Your content marketing strategy comes before your social strategy – yesterday, today and always.”



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