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Crafting the Perfect Message for your SMS Marketing Strategy

So, you want to get started on an effective and engaging SMS marketing strategy that really drives conversions for your property business. You’re aware of the many benefits of SMS marketing, you’ve planned out your strategy with your project marketing team and you’re ready to start crafting your perfect message. You’ve come to the right place! There are a range of elements your messages need to feature to not only grab attention and encourage action, but to follow important legal requirements:

Structuring your message

The perfect SMS includes the following features:

  • A personalised greeting with the customer’s name.

  • A description of the text’s purpose, or the event or promotion you’re advertising – what it is, where it is, when it is.

  • A hook, CTA or link – something they can click on to learn more or complete an action.

  • An opportunity to ‘opt out’.

  • It’s short and casual.

Timing your message

It’s so important that every single one of your messages has a purpose. The intention of each message will determine where it sits within your timeline. A good example of an SMS marketing timeline for an upcoming event looks a little like this:

  • One month before – send an introductory/launch message that outlines your special event.

  • Two weeks before – send the first ‘reminder message’, which should contain all relevant event details such as location, start-time and any special offers.

  • 3 days before – Sending a message here is particularly helpful if your event is on the weekend, so recipients still have time to plan their weekend around your event. Festive/seasonal periods are often very busy so it’s not uncommon that your customer might have forgotten about your event.

  • 1 day before – Send a final push message. It should really emphasise the offer/value of the event to maximise attendance.

You need to consider how you’ll take your customers on a journey through SMS. Sending out ‘new release’ messages without a strategy or timeline for achieving success won’t reap the results you’re looking for.

Legal Requirements

And now for the serious stuff. There are 3 important criteria you’ll need to meet to ensure your SMS campaign is compliant with rules and regulations. These include:

  1. User consent

Consumers must give their consent, or opt-in, to receive marketing material before you can begin your SMS campaign. Consent can be granted by filling out a form, ticking an acceptance box, or by contacting your business.

  1. Identifiable sender

The 2003 SPAM Act states that all SMS marketing messages must clearly identify the sender. This can be completed by using a sender ID or by starting your text message with the name of your business.

  1. Offer opt-out

All SMS marketing messages must contain an opportunity for recipients to unsubscribe from receiving your content. One option is implementing a reply keyword: “reply STOP to opt-out”, or another option is including a URL which takes recipients to an unsubscribe form. The Property Republic team are experts in developing strategies that work. If you need help refining a SMS marketing strategy, get in touch.



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