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Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing presents a myriad of benefits when executed efficiently. A comprehensive email marketing strategy enables relationship-building between brand and customer, which  encourages loyalty and generates new leads. This is especially useful in the property industry where keeping contact with clients – even after the sale has been closed – is crucial.

Here are some best practice tips to help your brand maximise its email marketing efforts:

Build your email list.

One of the temptations to avoid when starting your email marketing campaign is to purchase your email list. This can bring repercussions that will do more harm than good. Instead, focus on growing your own email list the natural way by promoting an email sign-up on your website, blog, landing pages and any live events that you organise. Be clear on what you are offering – news, updates, land releases and latest home trends. It will not only set clear expectations, it will also minimise opt-outs and spam reports.

Establish a rapport with customers.

People in your database will have different needs, interests and reasons for signing up. Use this to your advantage by taking the time to gather information about your audience – what they need, when they need it, their purchasing behaviour. Understanding these factors will allow you to create relevant messages, encouraging higher open rates, greater engagement and opportunities to drive meaningful results beyond their inbox. You can also further tailor your messages by organising your audience into meaningful groups.

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Another way to establish a strong rapport with customers is to add a personal touch. Harnessing the power of personalisation is a must – using their first name when you address them rather than the highly impersonal “dear customer” is crucial. It’s also a good idea to include personal or relevant events like birthdays and holidays to connect with them on a deeper level.

Stick to your schedule.

Your email subscribers have given you their permission to communicate to them, so it’s important to maximise this privilege by sending out regular emails. Establish a consistent schedule – it could be every week, twice a month or once a month. By following this consistently, your subscribers will start to look forward to your emails, increasing your open rate and likelihood to convert.

Educate, entertain, and sell.

  • Give your potential customers valuable information that seeks to educate them about your brand and the industry. You don’t even need to create original content all the time. Curating useful resources from different experts on property will give your audience a one-stop place to learn all about the latest news and updates on property industry.

  • It’s also essential for you to make your content entertaining. Tell them an anecdote. Show them the human aspect of your company. In short, make your content relatable and enjoyable. Doing this will give you the best footing when you finally pitch your product or service.

  • Once you’ve piqued your potential customers’ interest, you can then start to pitch your products and try to make them take a specific action – to book in a sales consultation, attend an event, or buy your product.

Craft catchy subject lines.

This is the first thing people see when your email reaches their inbox so it’s important to make the best first impression. The ideal subject line length is between 30 and 50 characters. Beyond this length, words might be cut off. Make your subject lines compelling with a sense of urgency, setting proper expectations once your contacts open its contents.

Automate your email marketing.

The best way to save time while ensuring maximum engagement with your contacts is through automation. Repetitive tasks like manually sending a welcome email every time someone signs up on your email list can be very tedious. Marketing automation can take care of this and more.

Business tools like Ontraport not only allow you to manage the sending of emails efficiently, they also provide an effortless avenue to create beautiful and responsive emails with their built-in templates. They also allow you to launch a targeted campaign for each group based on demographics, lead source and engagement.

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