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Engage with a Landing Page

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an invaluable digital marketing tool for property businesses, designed specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a viewer is directed once they have clicked on a Facebook Ad Campaign, Google Ad or display advertisement for your project, event or promotion.

Essentially, a landing page is like a digital billboard – it’s created to prompt a specific action from the visitor through clear messaging and a direct call-to-action. Generally, landing pages ask visitors to provide their details in exchange for something – such as a downloadable guide, brochure, floor plan or a sequence of informative emails. For our recommended landing page best practices, read our blog or download our free infographic.

How are landing pages different to websites and microsites?

Landing pages differ from websites and microsites, as these larger sites are made for a more general purpose. Websites and microsites provide information and outbound links that communicate the overall brand or product. Landing pages are standalone pages, that provide minimal to no outbound links or other distractions. In property, it’s effective to create landing pages in the following instances:

  • when selling a specific product

  • asking leads to register their interest for a project

  • promoting a particular offer

  • encouraging registration for an event or sales release

  • encouraging leads to sign up to a newsletter

  • promoting a sales release

Why use a landing page?

Ultimately, a landing page results in greater conversion rates. This is due to the highly targeted and direct messaging and call-to-action that features on a well-designed landing page.

Targeted promotion or product specific landing pages are focused on a single objective that correlates with the language in the ad that your visitors clicked on to reach your page. According to trials conducted by online marketing expert Neil Patel, highly specific pages outperform generic pages and increase form submissions by 115%. Visitors are much less likely to become distracted on landing pages, since there isn’t an overload of messaging or selection of outbound links to distract them from the desired call-to-action.

Creating a landing page

There are so many ways to go about designing and delivering a landing page. Generally, website builders – such as WordPress – have an extension that enables the creation of a landing page. There are also a myriad of tools and apps, such as OntraportUnbounce, Landingi, MailChimp, Lander and Leadpages, which are designed to make creating landing pages easy for marketers.

We advise outsourcing to an agency who specialises in digital and webpage creation. This not only saves time-restricted marketers the headache of trying to master and navigate a new tool, it also ensures your landing page is designed with optimal features, by experts who possess advanced technical capabilities.



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