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Five Steps to Creating a Customer-Centric Culture for Your Business

Despite property being perhaps the largest purchase an individual will make in their life, many property developers do not place a big enough emphasis on customer service.

The truth is, delivering an exemplary customer experience only works when the entire organisation and all its facets place the customer journey at the forefront of all strategies and initiatives.

Here are five steps to help foster a customer-centric ethos within your business:

Make customer satisfaction a core value

Add customer satisfaction to your philosophy. A customer-centric culture is realised most effectively when it is considered an expectation from the outset. Establishing customer focus as a core value also identifies your brand as one that strives to set the benchmark for customer service to both employees and clients. This is the initial practice required to engender a strong customer-centric culture throughout your organisation.

Build awareness

Customer centricity is not merely an idea – it’s an attitude and a way of business. You can’t achieve successful customer centricity unless the bulk of your brand and its teams truly believes in its impact. That’s why it’s important to consistently inform and update your team on the myriad of benefits your brand – and its customers – acquires as a result of implementing pervasive customer-focussed strategies.

Adopt a collaborative approach

Customer centricity must be a main point of focus at every level of business and within every team – not just the customer experience or marketing team. This means it’s crucial that the directors of your brand lead by example. When the middle and lower tier employees witness the head members of management actively striving for customer satisfaction, they too will adopt and develop the same approach.

Make it a priority

Making the customer experience a priority means putting the customer ahead of the sale at all times. This means that a transformation must occur within the sales teams of property organisations. Sales teams must prioritise building a relationship with prospects, engendering trust and delivering an exceptional service over closing the sale.

Acknowledge and reward employee’s performance

For a truly effective customer-focused culture to materialise, it’s essential to have a passionate and determined team that identifies personal gain in delivering customer satisfaction. Motivate teams by providing incentives for exceptional customer experience practices – this means rewarding representatives who actively and consistently prioritise the customer journey.

Providing and delivering an optimal customer experience has the potential to reap a multitude of benefits for your brand, including increased referrals and repeat purchases, which in turn, lowers the cost of sale. Developing a customer-centric culture within your organisation can help you achieve these advantages.



Judi Carr

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