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Get your customer experience rating to a 10 out of 10

I recently completed some study on customer experience (CX) strategy. When I talk to different property businesses, I am often assured that they have a CX plan. Excellent news.

According to RMIT, CX strategy is “keeping the promises you’ve made to customers”. This means you need to continually check your understanding of what your company has promised, is promising, and will promise its customers and look for ways to do this better.

To help you achieve this, here are five Cs of tactics and approaches that you can use to take your experience to the next level.

  1. Circumstance

Understand and outline the specific problem(s) customers experience when engaging with your property business, then look for ways to help them to address their situation.

  1. Context

According to Karl Ronn of Procter & Gamble, “You have no conscious memory of how you do routine tasks”. Asking customers to reflect on the past or guess the future is not always helpful. To see opportunities and enhance your CX, design small group scenarios and observe your customers trying to go through them. Why do they engage in particular actions? How do they carry out those actions? What reasons do they give for choosing a particular action? Invite your customers to explain the steps they’ve taken to reach their goals and then embed this thinking directly into your CX design.

  1. Constraints

By uncovering your customers’ constraints in completing a certain job or solving a particular problem, you can unlock those barriers and create more value.

  1. Compensating behaviour

Do customers use your goods, services and broader support functions in the ways they were intended to be used? This question can uncover opportunities on two levels:

  1. If customers are using your product to solve problems you didn’t anticipate, perhaps you can find opportunities in entirely new markets.

  2. If they’re having to devise new approaches for your products to do the job they’re supposed to do, you can identify immediate areas for improvement. (This aspect is more relevant to CX design.)

In the property world, are you getting more traffic to your website and less to your sales office? If yes, make sure your website is educational and easy to navigate.

  1. Criteria

Consider your customers’ criteria when they engage with you. What do they want you to do for them? What functionality do they expect? What emotions are motivating them and their buying behaviour? CX can be enhanced simply by improving how you do what customers need you to do.

Source: RMIT Customer Experience Strategy and Design



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