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Global CX Trends in 2022: Part 3

The Property Republic team recently unpacked the Customer Experience Company’s annual Global CX Trends webinar, which brought together two CX leaders with over 25 years of experience. The panel featured the Founder and Managing Director of The Customer Experience Company, Raj Mendes and Founder of The CX Academy, Ireland, Michael Killeen.


Together they joined forces to discuss the emerging trends in the Customer Experience world and provide tips on how companies can turn these trends into opportunities. 


Trend three explores the return of Employee Experience (EX).


Here’s what was discussed:


Happy and empowered employees create delighted customers, which increases repeat purchase and advocacy, and ultimately delighting shareholders. Employees are a vital link in the connection between customers and shareholders; this is why Employee Experience is so important and COVID-19 has catapulted this essential need for every organisation to an even more significant level. 


There are three components to having good Employee Experience: 

  • Employee value proposition 

  • Workplace wellness 

  • Functional success 


Employee Value Proposition is key and needs to be grounded in the company mission and purpose. A good EVP is what makes a team member get up out of bed in the morning, excited about the work they are doing.


Workplace wellness plays an important role. The new workplace is hybrid, people can and will continue to work from home, so understanding and defining what workplace wellness means for your organisation must be a focus. 


Functional success is all about setting up your organisation so employees can easily get done the jobs they need to do, setting themselves and your organisation up for long term success.  


Just as good CX is grounded in building an emotional connection with your customers, good EX should do the same. In order to get to this place of emotional connection, the mindsets, tools and philosophies in this new school of CX need to be applied with just as much rigour in designing your EX. 


As your organisation emerges from another period of disruption and you forge your way into the new year, keeping these three CX trends at the forefront of your mind will allow you to enter 2022 with success.

Key considerations for your property business:


1. Do you have an Employee Value Proposition? If not, start thinking about how you can establish an experience that delights and motivates your employees.

2. Does your team spend too much time on a spreadsheet or reporting and not enough time delivering value to your customers? Maybe the problem is that your systems don’t support your reporting requirements. Time to take stock!

3. Have you forgotten how to innovate because it was too hard during COVID? Get your thinking caps on and generate ideas on how to differentiate your project.



Judi Carr

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