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Hey Builders: Don’t Bother Spending Money on Marketing

It costs a lot to have a display home. You buy the land, up-spec the home, over landscape, include designer furnishings, and then there’s the production of the video and voice over that plays as potential buyers peruse your design. Add on security, signage and cost of consultants and hosts and you’ve got yourself close to a $2 million investment. That’s even before you’ve opened the door and spent money promoting your presence.

So, what’s the purpose of a display home? Is it to showcase your design talents and close your eyes and cross your fingers that someone will choose you over the other 20 plus competitors? Is it a vehicle where your sales team can build rapport, obtain details and educate a prospect on the benefits of building with you, how you make the process seamless, how your quality is exceptional? I’ve recently been mystery shopping builders around Victoria.

Here’s a summary of my experience with some builders who are listed among Victoria’s Top 10 (according to volume):

Builder Number 1

The sales consultants didn’t bother to get up. I walked into the sale centre, through the door into the display homes and came back out without anyone (and there were two people) acknowledging me. They didn’t capture my details.

Builder Number 2

I received a warm welcome from a well-presented young lady. She stood up, gave me a big smile and welcomed me to the building company. I was recognised by the consultant so had to fess up what I was doing.

Builder Number 3

The sales consultant was busy but managed to acknowledge me. That’s great, but the sales associate who was busy doing nothing, continued to do just that. I visited the displays and left without my details being taken.

Builder Number 4

I received a nice welcome and the sales consultant invited me to sit down. They found me the perfect product solution to my imaginary problem, but then said, “Some people don’t like it’s location because it’s next to the main road.”  Why would you say that? Why? And they didn’t bother to get my details.

Builder Number 5

I received a great welcome. The sales consultant asked me what I was looking for in a builder. I said transparency, someone who delivers on time and who doesn’t bullshit me. This was the first consultant who actually took the time to find out what I was looking for rather than shove a product down my throat. We chatted for a good amount of time and she asked me lots of excellent questions. At one point I thought of putting down a deposit! Her company’s business model made it seem so easy but sadly she also did not take my details.

Builder Number 6

The sales consultant welcomed me but did not introduce herself. I asked for a turnkey investment property. She looked up packages at the estate that I mentioned and then printed out about six ‘packs’ that I could choose from – none of which satisfied my needs. None of my details were taken.

In the words of Pauline Hanson – Please explain…

I just don’t understand why builders’ consultants don’t collect data. You spend so much money on driving people to your display homes and then miss the opportunity to market to them in ways that suit them – at home on the couch. Am I missing something?

If you’d like to know if your business was on the list, get in touch. We can help you refine your frontline presentation and put your marketing dollars to good use.



Judi Carr

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