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How to Achieve Real Connections with Your Consumers

How do you take care of your customer? And how well do you respond to their needs?

This article by Marketing magazine highlights a discussion that took place at a Spotify Espresso Series; a pair of events designed to explore the widening audio landscape and how streaming is changing our relationship with sound, among other topics.

What’s especially highlighted throughout the discussion are three requirements businesses must provide to customers, in order to achieve a sale. The truth is, consumer expectations are on the rise, and you need to respond to the following requirements to successfully make a sale:

1. Be there for me

Customers want to know that you’re there for them and care for them. 24/7 availability across all devices is a standard expectation among the modern customer. It’s not enough to simply offer a service, you need to support your customer by giving them what they need, when they need it.

Naysla Edwards, VP brand, charge cards and member experience at American Express Australia said “I’m a firm believer that if you bring utility to consumers, and if you use their data to provide a service or benefit to them, everyone will sign up for it.”

“For me, the personalisation, utility and benefit that we provide the consumer will make that data exchange relevant and build trust.”

What more can you do to address your customer relationship?

2. Know me

Customers are starting to become wise about data. According to Megan Brownlow, PWC non-executive director, customers have worked out that “the data they’ve voluntarily – or sometimes involuntarily – shared with you has value” and “they want something for that value – they want to be known.”

Consumers don’t just expect an excellent customer experience in exchange for their data, they expect it to be seamless and comprehensive as well. When a consumer communicates with a brand, they expect you to remember the last time you spoke, no matter where that was. And they expect you to know who they are and what they need.

3. Protect me

Brownlow breaks down the business-consumer trust relationship into four parts:

Advocacy: are you acting in my best interest?

Consistency: have you proved credible before?

Transparency: do I really understand what you’re doing?

Success: do you have what it takes to help me achieve my goals?

“If I’m giving you my money, you protect me. That’s not just my data, it’s needles in strawberries. It’s everything.”

Brownlow explained that her research with behavioural economists has found that trust between the business and consumer also motivates strong consumption behaviour. You need to establish trust with prospects before they’ll even consider purchasing from you.

What are you doing to protect your customer during their purchase experience, and after they’ve purchased with you?

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