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How to Brief and Edit Videos Like a Boss

Briefing is such an important step when engaging with a video production partner. It’s your opportunity to provide the video team with your expectations and allows you to really set the tone of the production you want to create. Here are some things you’ll need to consider during the briefing phase of your video production:

1. Be a clear briefer.

This means providing as much information as possible, including aspect (portrait or landscape), deadline in market and length. This can be done through filling out a briefing template. In your brief, be clear about what you want and what you don’t want. You may even like to provide examples of other videos whose style you’d like to mimic. It’s also important to be realistic with your expectations – do your expectations match your budget? You can’t expect premium results with a meagre budget.

2. Provide solution-based feedback.

Voice your ideas and criticisms in a constructive way that will help the video professionals to understand your expectations. And be prepared to listen to suggestions from the professionals – after all, they’re the experts!

3. Provide the video agency with all the necessary assets to create your video without too much ‘back and forth’.

Present them with all the relevant footage, captions, music and brand guidelines they’ll need to use. Once the video has been briefed, footage has been captured and you’ve received a draft copy of your video, it’s editing time! During this stage, it’s important that you are as clear as possible, to ensure your requested edits can be effectively and efficiently implemented.

4. Make sure that you consolidate all your feedback.

If multiple people are providing feedback on the draft video, ensure all the comments are consolidated into one document and sent to the editor. Sending too many revisions from different members of your team makes for an inefficient, costly, and potentially misaligned final product.

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