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How to start a social media strategy

Social media marketing is a great way to engage audiences and increase brand awareness, however, its important to have a strategic plan in place.

When it comes to creating a social media strategy for your brand, there are a few things to consider first to ensure you are utilising every aspect of the platforms youre using.

We’ve listed some tips to get you started:

Identify your goals 

Before you jump on social media and start posting, it’s extremely important to determine your goals. Planning your goals out first, enables you to take the best steps towards achieving them. Some common goals for social media include:

  • increasing audience reach 

  • generating leads

  • driving traffic to website

  • increasing brand awareness

Needless to say, your goals must follow the SMART criteria, in that they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Setting goals allows you to measure the success of the time and effort you’re putting into your social media strategy.

Conduct audience research 

The key to an effective social marketing strategy is to know and understand your target audience. What do they want and need from you?

Your ideal audience can be determined through thorough research. Some of the information you might come up with includes your audience demographics, location, and interest. Digging deeper, you’ll also find their pain points from which you can base your marketing campaigns.

After all, you need to provide them with social media content that helps them solve their problems and educates them more about your brand.

Choose your social media platforms 

Once you’ve determined your ideal audience, it’s time to find out which social media platforms can best reach them. What social networking sites do they use?

For example, millennials mostly use Instagram, so if you want to target first home buyers, you need to be visible and active on that platform. There’s no point investing in a social media platform that isn’t relevant to your target audience.

The platforms you use will also affect the kind of content you need to produce.

Determine content types 

Not all social media platforms and content types will align with your goals. It’s important for you to pick the forms of content that will best resonate with your audience and bring you one step closer to your social media marketing objective.

Here are some examples of the content you may consider:

  • Images 

  • Videos 

  • Infographics

  • Testimonials 

  • Blog Posts

Whatever content types you choose, it’s imperative for you to make sure that they’re of the highest quality, engaging, and valuable to your target audience.

Establish important metrics 

Every marketing goal has key metrics that determine its success. This may include conversion rate, time spent on your page, reach, brand mentions, and audience sentiment, shares, and engagement.

These metrics are your guide when developing and improving your social media strategy. Without them, you won’t know if the time, money, and effort that you’re pouring in has been worth it.

It’s vital that you focus on KPIs that are relevant to the platforms you’re in. They should also have a meaningful relation to your audience behaviour.

Analyse and measure success 

Finally, your social media strategy won’t be complete without the mechanism to track, analyse, and measure the results of your chosen metrics.

By doing this, you’ll be able to look back on your progress and determine what works and what needs improvement.

Once you’ve identified the areas that need more work, you can tweak and optimise them for better results.

This step must be continuous and consistent. As long as you’re running social media campaigns, you must continue to evaluate your success.

At Property Republic, we create content that customers are looking for, and utilise social media to expand your reach and influence. If you need help developing an effective social media strategy, get in touch today! 



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