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How to use your FAQs

What are FAQs?

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.  FAQs are the specific questions, queries or comments that are most commonly asked regarding your project or display home.

Why are they important?

FAQs help your project to identify the areas which may require attention or modification, as well as providing insight to the type of information prospects want to receive.  If identified and harnessed effectively, FAQs have the potential to help your team create highly targeted content that appeals to your audience, recognise areas for change and enhance the customer experience. If your business has been neglecting to acknowledge FAQs, then you could be missing out on an easy opportunity to successfully target and inform customers.

How can you use FAQs to improve customer satisfaction?

Create content your prospects want to read.

Your sales team are the members of your business who are required to actively listen and interact with potential and existing customers. While marketing teams could just deliver the messages they want prospects to read, it’s far more effective to design content that your audience really wants to receive. Asking your sales representatives what questions they are frequently asked provides marketing teams with the opportunity to create and deliver targeted content that is meaningful and helpful to customers.

Identify areas for change or improvement

FAQs provide a great deal of insight into the potential weaknesses or areas that need improvement within your project and its processes.  Sometimes, questions that are commonly raised can point to fields that are unclear or require a certain extent of clarification.  Effectively identifying these areas for development and updating them can help to you better satisfy, educate and communicate with customers.

Include an FAQ page on your website

An informative FAQ page can be a useful and powerful tool. It can help to establish your expertise, easily clarify uncertainties for customers and save your sales and marketing teams time.  Don’t forget that your website often is often the place where customers develop a first impression of your business.  This means that they may not hold any prior knowledge of your brand and its services.  Featuring an FAQ page on your website enables viewers and potential buyers to immediately clear up any queries they may have about your business.

Common FAQs

Some common FAQs you may like to address for your project include:

  • What is the size of the development?

  • When will the project be completed?

  • What size will the lots be?

  • What existing facilities and amenities are there?

  • What planned facilities and amenities are proposed?

  • When will the planned facilities and amenities be completed?

  • What sustainability and environmental considerations are being incorporated in the project?

Here are a few of our favourite FAQ pages for inspiration:



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