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Instagram to Introduce Ads on Explore

Instagram has recently announced they’ll be rolling out ads on their Explore page. This is great news for property marketers, as it offers an additional space to promote your brand or project 

More than 50% of Instagram accounts use Explore each month to discover content related to their interests from accounts they don’t already follow. This means that your ads will have the potential to be seen by accounts who don’t follow you, but have an interest in property. 

Instagram users won’t start seeing ads all over their Explore feed, but ads will pop up when users tap a related video or photo. Ads will relate to content that people have viewed; for example, if a first home buyers views a post about budget-friendly interior designit’s likely they’ll be served an ad for townhomes, or FHB-friendly homes on their explore page. 

To get your businesses recognised on Instagram, you’ll be able extend a campaign across the platformusing opt-in settings to reach audiences on the Explore page.  

Instagram is an ad-run business that needs to meet brands’ expectations. As more advertisers turn to Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense that Instagram wants to expand its advertising space.  

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