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Is your content worth a $399 subscription?

I recently read an interview in The New York Times about a tech-news-site, The Information, that keeps all their content behind a paywall. This concept is actually becoming more and more common in the news industry, as publishers struggle to cover their expenses.

What sets The Information apart from most other news organisations though, is their big picture, in-depth, focus. Their reporters don’t just write about something they’ve heard, read or think their audience wants to read about, they’re experts in their fields and their articles are jam-packed with research, background information, and well-thought-through predictions.

All this rich, fact-based information is sitting behind a hefty US$399 annual subscription. And guess what…people are paying it.

This got the Property Republic team thinking, what if property marketers were to create resources that are packed with everything a potential home buyer or investor could possibly need? How much could you charge for that?

We’re by no means suggesting that you should, or even could, charge hundreds of dollars for this information. What you could ask for, however, are their contact details. If you make yourself known as a leading expert in the property industry that creates resources packed with all the information and research people need before purchasing a new home, imagine what that could do to your reputation and database.

At Property Republic, we’re big believers in producing and sharing well-researched marketing strategies that are 100% customised to the property industry. We create meaningful content not only for our own brand, but for our clients, too. If you need help creating content that will solidify you as a property leader, get in touch!



Judi Carr

A bona fide property marketing queenpin who embraces challenges and new opportunities. Loves a good quiz. Go the Hawks. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property industry having worked for some of Australia's biggest developers and property organisations, our Director, Judi, guides and inspires the success of our brand.By combining her extensive property knowledge and passion with her innovative and strategic thinking, Judi always knows how to achieve the best outcomes for clients.