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It’s All in the Ears: Why Listening is the Key to Providing Superior Customer Service

It’s no secret that delivering exceptional customer service is an imperative component of the property sales cycle. 

In fact, no industry requires an outstanding level of customer service more than that of property, and yet we’re finding that it’s the customer experience process that has the most potential for improvement. In order to deliver a superior service to customers, we must first understand what they both want and require. 

It’s only once a buyer’s needs and priorities have been fully grasped that a brand can develop strategies and services to both align with and complement these requirements. It’s important to understand that listening and hearing are, in fact, not the same thing. 

Hearing is an automatic physical ability that enables you to perceive sounds, while listening is an active process by which we comprehend, evaluate and respond to what we hear. Adopting an effective aptitude for listening can help your business to:

Build Trust

Buying a block of land or building a new home can be a stressful and daunting process for many individuals – especially first home buyers. 

It goes without saying that having an empathic, understanding and supportive sales team will not only be noticed, but greatly respected and appreciated by the customer. 

Consistently practicing great listening skills that serve to make customers feel valued will, in turn, thrust value upon your services, and incite trust in buyers.

Personalise the Customer Experience

Nobody wants to feel like a number, a statistic, or a one-dimensional profile. 

Buyers want to consult with brands who align their services to their own wants and needs. 

Buyers want to feel involved and considered throughout the entire sale process, and want their dreams, hopes, fears and reservations to resonate with their chosen land developer or home builder. 

Adopting superior listening skills will help you tailor your services to specific customers, and aid in developing a personalised customer journey. Moreover, it is considered and thoughtful customer service, achieved through active listening, that generates loyal buyers. When buyers experience exceptional customer service, their willingness to not only return, but refer their friends and contacts to your brand is likely to increase tenfold. Repeat sales and referrals are not accidental; they occur as a result of a strong relationship between brand and customer. 

At Property Republic, we understand many advantages delivering a superior service provides to both your business and your buyers. 

We are passionate about working with property teams to develop effective customer experience strategies that will ultimately result in increased referrals and a reduced cost of sale.

Increase Productivity

Ineffective communication is a primary barrier in productivity and can result in a lagging sales cycle and reduced accuracy. 

Ensuring your team possesses effective listening skills can reduce the prospect of communication barriers, misinterpreted information and poor productivity. 

When you are actively engaged with your manager, team or buyer’s concerns, you can formulate more effective and accurate approaches or solutions. Let your ears do the talking and notice the rewards you reap. 

The secret to exceptional customer service is all in the ears.



Judi Carr

A bona fide property marketing queenpin who embraces challenges and new opportunities. Loves a good quiz. Go the Hawks. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property industry having worked for some of Australia's biggest developers and property organisations, our Director, Judi, guides and inspires the success of our brand.By combining her extensive property knowledge and passion with her innovative and strategic thinking, Judi always knows how to achieve the best outcomes for clients.