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Our Top Takeaways from Adobe’s Digital Trends Report 2018 – Part Three

Property Republic’s Key Takeaway:

Educating and upskilling your workforce on industry advances and digital aptitude engenders business success.

For our third and final instalment of our top takeaways from Adobe and Econsultancy’s Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends report, we discuss the undeniable value of the educational and digital training for companies’ employees.

“Top-performing organisations are twice as likely to be making significant investment in digital skills and education in 2018.”

The report’s findings strongly suggest that significant investment in digital skills and training forms an obvious correlation with business success.

The graph below depicts that top-performing companies are twice as likely to be dedicating resources toward the development of digital skills and education for employees (45% vs. 23%).

The team at Property Republic strongly enforces educational and practical development for all employees.

We see that there is immeasurable value in advancing our skills and capabilities, so we not only perform optimally for ourselves and our clients, but so that we can transfer our well-developed knowledge to the team we work alongside.

We particularly love that this report and its researchers, too, endorse the scholastic and digital advancement of employees. It is imperative that companies ensure their teams are trained and upskilled in diverse services if not to benefit clients, to guarantee their own commercial success:

“The temptation for businesses is to neglect skills and training if they are struggling commercially, because they don’t have such readily available budget as their more successful counterparts. However, this is ultimately a false economy because the level of employee performance required to drive commercial success can only be achieved if staff have the right training and skills to succeed.”

The report urges companies to keep their employees up-to-speed with the latest trends and technologies, whether that be through internal face-to-face sessions, online training courses or one-on-one mentoring and coaching for specific skillsets and industry niches. It’s time for us all to get our training caps on!



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