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Our Top Takeaways from Adobe’s Digital Trends Report 2018 – Part Two

For the second installment of our Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends report takeaways, we discuss the findings that a dual focus on content and data enhances the customer journey.

Property Republic’s Key Takeaway:

Combining data insights with effective content to facilitate well-designed user journeys enriches customer experience. According to the report: “The top strategic priority for organisations in 2018 is content and experience management, encapsulating the importance of harnessing content and media assets as effectively as possible to ensure the most effective interactions with customers and prospects.”

Nearly half of the surveyed companies rank content and experience management as one of their three most important priority areas for 2018. One fifth agree that it is their primary focus.

 These statistics do not come as a surprise to the team at Property Republic.

As content marketers of the property industry, we understand the intrinsic value of delivering meaningful and valuable content to audiences across a myriad of channels and touchpoints.

We couldn’t agree more with the report’s endorsement of the importance of good content:

“Content is the lifeblood of marketing activities…It is the fuel that drives digital experiences without which most businesses would eventually grind to a halt.”

In fact, we’re excited by the report’s findings of a push towards leveraging content. In order for organisations to really succeed – regardless of their industry – content must be treated as an asset and not an expense. After all, an asset is described as something valuable or useful; surely effective content fits this criterion. Moreover, the report states that 65% of respondents say ‘improving data analysis capabilities to better understand customer experience requirements’ is an important internal requirement for the success of customer experience.

This indicates that the effective use of data is key to enhancing the user journey.

While content itself is a valuable investment for all businesses, combining it with data that reveals the needs of the target audience is essential to ensure the content is relevant and meaningful to its core recipients.

As a result, a focus on data insights that indicate the requirements of consumers, as well as the creation of compelling content, are both essential for an optimised customer journey.



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