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Pinterest: an overlooked marketing treasure

When most people think of social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn spring to mind. One social network that keeps chugging away quietly in the background is Pinterest – the ‘under-rated’ marketing tool. While it might not have the same number of users as other, more popular platforms, there are some great reasons why you should consider Pinterest for your property marketing strategy.   First of all, let’s talk demographics. Compared to other social networks, Pinterest’s demographic is quite unique: 


  • 31% of Australian women use Pinterest, while only 

  • 11% of Australian men use Pinterest 


In terms of age demographics: 


  • 27% of Australian users are aged between 18-29 

  • 56% of Australian users are aged between 30-49


The average first home buyer in Australia is in their mid-30’s – making Pinterest a lucrative platform for property marketers to consider targeting a niche audience  The visual social network is the highest-ranking platform for product discovery and is also well indexed for search on Google. Therefore, making it appealing to the visual experience of buying property.   With this background information in mind, let’s dive deeper and see how property marketers can utilise Pinterest: 


1. Curated boards 


Pinterest is a visual platform and your content will need to compete with other aesthetically pleasing images and videos. One way to stand out and attract followers is by creating curated boards. Think colour schemes, interior themes featured in your display homes, building materials, and garden landscapes.  


2. QR codes 


Using QR codes in your display homes allows people to save and store the products featured on their own Pinterest boards. This way, they’ll always see your company name and Pinterest board when they’re relaxing and scrolling through their previously saved pins.  


3. Incorporate other trends 


Some of the most popular trends on Pinterest this year are food, home and beauty. Think of creative ways you can include these trends in your marketing strategy, such as; recipes to promote kitchen appliances in your display homes, beauty tips to show off your beautiful bathrooms or powder rooms, and pins on how to best look after plants such as those used in your display homes.  


4. Embed pins to your blog 


If your company writes a blog, embed your pins in the posts to attract more people. This will also make your blog more visually appealing.


5. Link pins back to your website 


By linking your pins to your website, people will be directed to your site whenever clicking on your pin. This is a great way to generate more traffic to your website and will boost your score on Google. 


6. Other tips and tricks: 


  • Vertical images and videos maximise your real estate and perform best. The ideal aspect ratio is 2:3.  

  • The best performing videos are between 6-15 seconds. 

  • Hashtags that are descriptive and specific, perform best. You can use up to 20 hashtags per post. 


At Property Republic, we’re experts at content marketing. If you need help implementing an effective Pinterest marketing strategy, get in touch! 



Judi Carr

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