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Playing the Long Game

A week is a long time in property marketing, never mind a year. So why should we start targeting and nurturing the next generation of homebuyers now?

Content marketing is definitely a long game. Instead of monthly KPIs and short-term campaigns that come and go with the business priorities of the day, success in content marketing is often measured in months or even years.

Even so, many marketers might balk at implementing a strategy designed to produce results more than a year later — long after the current team, even the current leadership, have moved on.

It got the Property Republic team thinking about why a 5-10 year community development is treated like an item in the supermarket with an expiry date. Why do we always seem to play the short game?

As marketers, we need to start thinking about the next wave of buyers. Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2009, is the first generation born into a world where technology is omnipresent, with the internet, smartphones and social media an indispensable part of everyday life. They hardly ever read a physical newspaper.

They will search property listings online and conduct all their research while sitting on the couch or commuting to work. They will probably be the first generation to pay for a property using cryptocurrency and will probably be happy to buy a house and land package without visiting a display village. Instead, they’ll experience it using virtual reality.

To ensure that marketers don’t miss the Gen Z boat, there are some things that we can start right now to get ourselves in the zone:

1. Be where they are 

Selling strategies should start on social and mobile, and include multiple touchpoints, with direct, no-fluff messaging, using various formats (video, imagery, stories, etc). This customer is not into sales gimmicks. Produce content that is directed at them and addresses exactly what’s in it for them.    

2. User generated content is king

Gen Z looks at reviews as a way to validate their purchase decision, whether purchasing a property or a purse. If your customer experience and problem solving is at the forefront of your thinking, you’ll have no need to worry about asking for reviews.

3. Get to the point

Keeping pricing a secret and withholding information will not cut it for this generation. If you don’t have the technology to let them see exactly what they’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost, when they’ll pay a deposit, review and sign a contract and settle, then you’ll get left behind. This generation is used to making decisions quickly so make sure you communicate your message and value proposition clearly or you’ll lose your audience.

4. Tech design is important  

We’re a few steps behind in personalised marketing automation in the property industry. Your technology design must meet Gen Z’s expectations or you’ll be knocked out of consideration.

5. Be entertaining

Long-winded articles will not gel with these guys. They’re used to authentic and entertaining interactions – delight them and you’ll win them over. Predict their problem and solve it.

Videos and texts are extremely popular and they’re fans of Netflix, Instagram and YouTube.

You don’t have to wait until someone born in 1996 turns 25 in 2021 and begins thinking about buying their first home to take action. These practices also work on Gen Y, so start thinking a little differently about your content strategy and mix today.

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Judi Carr

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