Property marketing

Having a deep understanding of your objective is our starting point.

Whether it’s a sales launch, Facebook engagement target or developing a marketing strategy, we work with your team to find a smooth pathway to deliver what’s really important – the customer experience.

Customer experience

We place a strong emphasis on the customer journey.

At Property Republic, we understand the many advantages that delivering a superior service offers to both your business and your buyers. We are passionate about working with property teams to develop effective customer experience strategies.

We assist developers in both B2C and B2B capacities – we help to map your experience with customers, as well as set up your business to provide a superior experience. We do this through collaboratively establishing your project’s set-up, including marketing and sales strategy, collateral development, lead generation and nurturing, sales experience and community engagement.

The Property Republic team helps you to plot the customer journey, and develop comprehensive strategies that encompass:

  • Determining the relevant touchpoints
  • Developing the brand experience
  • Lead nurturing
  • Setting measurements and KPIs

This is done by following the processes of enquiry, purchase, settlement and becoming part of the community.

We strongly believe that the customer should be the core focus of every strategy and considered at every level of an organisation. Ultimately, the customer experience is the fundamental differentiator for property businesses.


Social and content marketing

Creating and sharing valuable and relevant content ensures that your brand attracts and acquires a more defined audience, usually at a lower cost than traditional advertising.

At Property Republic, we create content that customers are looking for – blogs, videos, posts, e-books and more.

We utilise social media to expand your reach and influence and work with your team to create compelling offers to put prospects in the pipeline.

And to ensure you can forecast correctly, we offer lead nurturing and scoring campaigns to continuously engage your valuable leads.

Finally, we measure and analyse all the content marketing efforts to track effectiveness.

Project marketing

Our team has been involved in launching some of Victoria’s most successful projects; including Woodlea in Rockbank, Aurora in Epping, and Mernda Villages in Mernda.

We understand the intrinsic value that a deep customer understanding can bring to mapping the customer purchase process.

Our approach is to develop the strategy in collaboration with the project team, focussed on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The value generated for our clients is:

  • Consistent sales pipeline
  • Forecasting certainty
  • Reduced cost of sale
  • Whole of business alignment and accountability
  • Competitive edge

Project diagnostics

If you expect a high standard from your marketing team, then demand the highest from the front line.

Spending a significant amount of your marketing budget on lead generation is totally wasted if the customer’s experience with your sales team is ordinary. You don’t need more customers, you just need the ones you have to be followed up. You can’t attract the target market, deliver a poor customer experience for the most significant purchase of their life and expect just getting “more bodies in the door” will work.

You can burn through your prospects with bad word-of-mouth and – without having mystery shoppers checking on it – you may never know how to improve it.

The Property Republic team starts with online, telephone and in-person enquiries, monitors all communication and visits the sales centre. We then audit any follow up and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations.


Our in-house workshops are geared to achieving team alignment and accountability.

For example:

  • Setting up a project for success
  • Marketing and sales team alignment
  • Project diagnostics
  • Community development
  • Business planning


Every good employer understands the benefits of upskilling their workforce. The problem is that finding the right course that is relevant to your industry can be challenging.

The Property Republic Team loves sharing their knowledge.

If your team could use some specific marketing training, tailored to the property industry, contact us today.

We would love to share our expertise on:

  • Project strategy
  • Project marketing
  • Social media content and campaigns
  • Launching a project
  • Project business planning