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Social Media: Establishing the Best Platform for Your Content

With so many professionals harnessing the capabilities of social media to spread their messages, it’s important to ensure that you are not only developing engaging content, but also using the right channels to share it. Brands need to be strategic when selecting platforms for their social media marketing approaches.

It’s crucial that you have the necessary assets and resources required to execute an effective strategy and achieve results.   At Property Republic, we understand that the social media sphere is, at times, a tricky place to navigate, so we’ve simplified it for you. 

Call us your social media compass. We’ve streamlined the different platforms to determine what content works best so you can identify which channels are best suited to your brand.  We might not always point north, but we’ll always direct you towards effective communication and engaging content.


With more than 2.13 billion active monthly users, Facebook is without a doubt the fastest growing and most effective social media marketing channel of them all. 

And with its impressive selection of business and marketing tools, such as Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook is likely the easiest platform to reach and engage with our prospects. Due to the number and diversity of Facebook’s users, it is generally effective as a social media marketing outlet for almost all types of businesses. 

What’s most crucial is to ensure your content is tailored to maximise its appeal to Facebook users. Original, authentic, relevant, relatable and information-rich content performs best on Facebook.  It’s also encouraged to include some type of call-to-action in your posts that incite a response from your targeted users to maximise engagement. Videos and posts with meaningful content are generally the most popular and most shared, due to their relatable nature that often evokes an emotive response from viewers. Relating to property, posts that share stories of first home buyers, photographs of new developments, floor plans or information on business or project milestones will perform well.


Instagram is an exclusively visual channel that appreciates good-quality, aesthetically pleasing images, graphics and photographs. 

Businesses that market well on Instagram are excellent at capturing and sharing information in a beautifully visual way. 

The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been truer than when referring to Instagram’s content. Pairing well-executed photographs with relevant hashtags is also extremely effective as it presents the potential for increased engagement. 

Hashtags help to organise and categorise content, which in turn, maximises the potential for content discovery and optimisation. Only consider using Instagram for marketing purposes if you have high-quality, relevant and engaging visual content to share. 

For businesses in the property industry, this could include professional photographs of styled room interiors, new developments or graphics containing purchaser testimonials.


LinkedIn is particularly effective for business to business marketing, due to its exclusively professional focus. All businesses, brands and companies have professional news and information to share and this is the perfect platform to do it. LinkedIn is a social media personification of the saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. 

The platform has the ability to grow your business impressively but building a supportive network it essential. Posts of both a visual or scripted nature perform well, provided they share relevant, meaningful content about business objectives, advancements and opportunities. Property-related businesses are encouraged to post professional milestones, new developments, articles and infographics.


Twitter is all about punchy, witty minimalism with words – after all you only have 280 characters to share your message. 

Twitter works well for businesses capable of scheduling multiple daily posts, as constant activity on Twitter is the key to effective engagement. Visual content is not necessary for this platform, so if your business can spare the time and brain power to craft short, sharp and exciting posts on a frequent basis, you have the potential to perform well on Twitter. Property gurus can post links to appropriate articles or developments with appealing captions, significant statistics or quotes. Harnessing the opportunities that effective social media marketing has to offer is imperative to facilitate growth for your business.  Social media and its many platforms present boundless prospects to connect with consumers and communicate a powerful brand image. 

If your in-house team lack the time or resources to successfully implement a social media strategy, appointing an experienced professional with property knowledge will prove an invaluable investment. We’ve a competent team who can help you with this. Get in touch today!



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