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Solving the Press Release Puzzle in Property

The importance and purpose of particular public relations tools continue to remain a mystery for many in the property industry.

It’s crucial that these tools are harnessed and used effectively to maximise brand awareness, media coverage and ultimately lead generation for your organisation.

Today we’re placing major emphasis on the humble press release. To make your press release endeavours all the more convenient, we’ve covered the crucial ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ elements.

What is a press release?

A press release is an official document delivered to targeted media outlets, providing information on a specific event or newsworthy occurrence. A press release can also be referred to as media release, news release or press statement and can even be filmed or recorded depending on the organisation it comes from, the outlets it is sent to, and the event it is promoting.

Why are they important?

With media consumption proving more varied and popular than ever before, press releases are extremely important tools in gaining media attention and developing brand awareness.  As property organisations continue to compete for maximised media attention, an effective press release can assist you in remaining current, relevant and identified as a leader within the industry.  The small output required for the construction of a useful press release could prove one of your most effective marketing assets. Engaging press releases have the potential to exceed merely notifying and updating the media and property industry of your company’s developments.  Their intent is to arouse the attention of journalists or publications who may show interest in further exploring the matter.

When do you write a press release?

It’s most effective to write and deliver a press release both in the lead up to, and after an event has taken place. The document delivered before the event must discuss any relevant background information and the reasons for it being held, while the press release that follows up must cover the details and outcomes of the event. There is an array of occasions when writing a press release is advantageous. These include:

  • Commencing a new partnership

  • Launching a display village

  • Establishing a new project or development

  • Announcing the achievement of an important milestone

  • Announcing a rebranding scheme

  • Hosting and promoting an event

  • Receiving an award

  • Starting a new business

  • Celebrating an important anniversary

  • Participating in a workshop or seminar

  • Sponsoring an event or organisation

How do you write a press release?

It’s important to consider that publications are inundated with potential stories and pitches every day, so giving your press release a noticeable point of difference is crucial.  The format of a press release remains fairly basic and minimal, but that doesn’t mean the content has to follow the same pattern.  In fact, you can afford to be witty and entertaining throughout the document to ensure you both pique and maintain interest.  

A press release should include the following features:

  • A catchy headline – since this is the first thing people will read, make sure it leaves an impression and encourages the recipient to read on.

  • The first paragraph must get straight to the point. There’s no time to waste in communicating the main message of your press release.

  • Include quotes from persons of interest where appropriate. This makes it easy for journalists to include relevant opinions in their reports.

  • Include any stand-out or significant statistics that serve to impress readers and add credibility.

  • Include your contact details, such as your brand name, contact name, mobile number and email address. This makes it easy for reporters to follow up with any inquiries.

  • Try not to exceed one page. It’s very unlikely that publications will want to read two or more pages of information.  Make your press release as succinct as possible.  The saying ‘quality not quantity’ can certainly be applied here.

  • Provide links to sites – such as your website – that provide reporters with access to more information relating to the event, brand or occurrence you are notifying them about.

Where do you send a press release?

The key to the successful distribution of your press release is the research that takes place in determining where to send it.  It’s important that you thoroughly investigate when it comes to potential receivers.  This means researching which publications, outlets and websites within the property industry publish features, broadcasts and sections relevant to the information you are delivering. 

Targeting your distribution to meaningful and relevant publications is essential for the success of your press release. Popular recipients include daily, weekly, local and ethnic newspapers, trade journals, property-centric publications and websites, property and real estate magazines, industry newsletters and online property sites. Strive to personally address your press release to the relevant figure within each publication, using the correct name and title, as well as ensuring it is sent in their preferred format – email is generally a popular and widely accepted.

Who writes the press release?

Many property businesses engage with external public relations and marketing agencies to craft their press releases.  This is an advisable approach if your business does not employ an individual with the necessary skills and expertise to create an effective statement. Press releases are an essential public relations tool that must be harnessed effectively to facilitate targeted brand awareness and media coverage for your property business.



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